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R package rspiro implements multiple spirometry equations: currently the GLI-2012 (Quanjer) and NHANES III (Hankinson), with potentially more to be added later. It offers a convenient interface to calculate predicted or LLN (Lower Limit of Normal) values given demographic data, or to convert absolute spirometry values to percent ( predicted or z-scores.


To ensure a consistent interface, package functions are named with a prefix indicating the functionality and a suffix indicating the spirometric equations used, for example LLN_GLI calculates Lower Limits of Normal using the GLI-2012 equations. The suffix is currently one of 'GLI' or 'NHANES3'. The prefix is one of 'LLN_', 'pred_', 'pctpred_' or 'zscore_'.

Functions prefixed 'LLN_' or 'pred_' accept as input demographic information (age, gender, height, ethnicity) and calculate the Lower Limit of Normal and the predicted value, respectively, for a given spirometry parameter (FEV1, FVC, etc). Functions prefixed 'pctpred_' or 'zscore_' accept absolute spirometry values (plus demographics) and convert those to percent ( z-scores, respectively. Please note the difference between 'pred_' and 'pctpred_' above.

For detailed information, refer to the respective function documentations.

The development version of rspiro is available on GitHub To report problems and bugs, or to request a feature, please go there and open an issue. Alternatively, send an email to Theodore Lytras


Theodore Lytras

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