Man pages for rstansim
Simulation Studies with Stan

collect_simulationsGroup stansim objects into a collection
extract_dataExtract data from rstansim objects
extract_data.stansim_collectionExtract data from a stansim_collection object
extract_data.stansim_simulationExtract data from a stansim_simulation object
extract_refittedExtract identifiers of refitted items from rstansim objects
extract_refitted.stansim_collectionExtract details of refitted datasets from a...
extract_refitted.stansim_simulationExtract names of refitted datasets from a stansim_simulation...
extract_time_elapsedExtract time_elapsed from rstansim objects
extract_time_elapsed.stansim_collectionExtract time_elapsed from a stansim_collection object
extract_time_elapsed.stansim_simulationExtract time_elapsed from a stansim_simulation object
fit_modelsFit a stan model to multiple datasets
print.stansim_collectionPrint a summary for a stansim_collection object
print.stansim_dataPrint a summary for a stansim_data object
print.stansim_simulationPrint a summary for a stansim_simulation object
refitRefit specified datasets in a stansim_simulation object
renameRename a stansim object
rename.stansim_collectionRename a stansim_collection object
rename.stansim_simulationRename a stansim_simulation object
rstansimrstansim: running simulation studies with Stan
simulate_dataSimulate datasets from a stan model
stansim_collectionConstruct an S3 object of type stansim_collection
stansim_dataConstruct an S3 object of type stansim_data
stansim_simulationConstruct an S3 object of type stansim_simulation
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