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Streams of Random Numbers

rstream.antithetic-methodsMethods for Function rstream.antithetic in Package 'rstream'
rstream-classClass "rstream" - Multiple streams of uniform random numbers
rstream.clone-methodsMethods for Function rstream.clone in Package 'rstream'
rstream.incprecision-methodsMethods for Function rstream.incprecision in Package...
rstream.lecuyer-classClass "rstream.lecuyer" - Multiple streams with MRG32k3a...
rstream.mrg32k3a-classClass "rstream.mrg32k3a" - Multiple streams with MRG32k3a... for Function in Package 'rstream'
rstream-package"rstream" - A package for multiple streams of uniform random...
rstream.packed-methodsMethods for Function rstream.packed in Package 'rstream'
rstream.reset-methodsMethods for Function rstream.reset in Package 'rstream'
rstream.RNGGet and set "rstream" object from/to R global generator
rstream.runif-classClass "rstream.runif" - Interface to R internal uniform...
rstream.sample-methodsMethods for Function rstream.sample in Package 'rstream'
rstream.substream-methodsMethods for Function rstream.resetsubstream and...
rstream.versionSwitch to behavior of earlier version of package
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