Man pages for rsyntax
Extract Semantic Relations from Text by Querying and Reshaping Syntax

add_span_quotesAdd span quotes to a source-quote annotations
ANDUse AND search in tquery
annotateAnnotate a tokenlist based on rsyntax queries
annotate_nodesAnnotate a tokenlist based on rsyntaxNodes
annotate_tqueriesAnnotate a tokenlist based on rsyntax queries
apply_queriesApply queries created with tquery
as_tokenindexPrepare a tokenIndex
BREAKA special NOT condition if depth > 1
cast_textCast annotations to text
chopChop of a branch of the tree
climb_treeHave a node adopt its parent's position
copy_fillCopy nodes
copy_nodesCopy nodes
custom_fillSpecify custom fill behavior
dutchDutch lemma
fillSpecify custom fill behavior
get_branch_idAdd the branch id as a column to the tokenindex
get_long_idsGet ids in various forms to extract token_ids
get_nodesTransform the nodes to long format and match with token data
isolate_branchIsolate a branch in a dependency tree
mutate_nodesMutate nodes
nested_nodesSearch for parents or children in tquery
NOTUse NOT search in tquery
ORUse OR search in tquery
pipePipe operator
plot_treeCreate an igraph tree from a sentence
print.tQueryS3 print for tQuery class
quote_punctuationQuote punctuation
remove_fillRemove fill
remove_nodesRemove nodes
reselect_nodesWithin a chain of reshape operations, reapply the tquery
rsyntax_threadsGet the number of threads to be used by rsyntax functions
selected_nodesIf select_nodes() is used, the selected nodes can be...
select_nodesApply tquery to initiate reshape operations
set_rsyntax_threadsSet number of threads to be used by rsyntax functions
split_UD_conjSplit conjunctions for dependency trees in Universal...
subset_nodesSubset a select_nodes selection
syntax_readerCreate a full text browser with highlighted rsyntax...
tokens_corenlpExample tokens for coreNLP English
tokens_dutchclausesExample tokens for Dutch clauses
tokens_dutchquotesExample tokens for Dutch quotes
tokens_spacyExample tokens for spacy English
tqueryCreate a query for dependency based parse trees in a...
unselect_nodesUndo select_nodes
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