Man pages for rtext
R6 Objects for Text and Data

bind_betweenfunction forcing value to fall between min and max
classesfunction to get classes from e.g. lists
dim1get first dimension or length of object
dim2get first dimension or length of object
dp_arrangefunction to sort df by variables
get_vector_elementfunction that extracts elements from vector
is_betweenfunction that checks is values are in between values
load_intofunction that loads saved rtext
modusfunction giving back the mode
pipemagrittr pipe
plot.rtextfunction for plotting rtext
prometheus_earlyprometheus early version
prometheus_lateprometheus late version
R6_rtext_extendedextended R6 class
rbind_fillfunction for binding data.frames even if names do not match
read_utf8_csvfunction to read csv file with UTF-8 characters (even under...
rtextR6 class - linking text and data
rtext_basertext_base : basic workhorse for rtext
rtext_exportR6 class - linking text and data
rtext_get_characterfunction to get text from rtext object
rtext_hashfunction to get hash for R objects
rtext_loadsaveR6 class - load and save methods for rtext
rtext_tokenizeR6 class - linking text and data
seq_dim1seq along first dimension / length
shiftfunction that shifts vector values to right or left
testfiletext function: wrapper for system.file() to access test files
text_tokenize.rtextfunction tokenizing rtext objects
vector_deletefunction used to delete parts from a vector
which_tokenfunction returning index of spans that entail x
which_token_worker(function to check which chars belong to which token) takes a...
write_utf8_csvfunction to write csv files with UTF-8 characters (even under...
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