rv: Simulation-based random variable objects

Simulation-based random variable objects

AuthorJouni Kerman <jouni@kerman.com>
Date of publication2013-06-26 07:52:35
MaintainerJouni Kerman <jouni@kerman.com>

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Man pages

abline.rv: Add (Random) Straight Lines to a Plot

aperm.rv: Random Array Transposition

apply.rv: Apply Functions over Margins of Random Arrays

as.list.rv: Coerce a random vector object to a list

as.rv.bugs: Coerce a bugs object into Random Variable Objects

as.rv.stanfit: Convert simulations generated by Stan to a list of rv objects

as.vector.rv: Coerce an rv object

cbind.rv: Combine random vectors by columns or rows

constant: Constant Vectors

cov.rv: Distributions of Various Statistics of a Random Vector and...

c.rv: Concatenation of random vectors

detachrv: Detach the rv package

double.rv: Coercing Random Vectors to Real-valued

fuzzy: Fuzziness

hist.rv: Histogram of a random vector

integer.rv: Integer Random vectors

is.na.rv: Missing Data Indicators

ivplot: Interval plot

lines.rv: Add Connected (Random) Line Segments to a Plot

logical.rv: Logical Random vectors

Math.rv: Mathematical functions and Operators for rv Objects

matmult: Random Matrix Multiplication

mean.rv: Distribution of the Arithmetic Mean of a Random Vector

median.rv: Distribution of the Sample Median

mlplot: Horizontal interval plot of components of a random vector

numeric.rv: Numeric Random Vectors

outer.rv: Outer Product of Random Arrays

plot.rv: Plotting Scatterplots of Random Variable Objects

points.rv: Add Points and Intervals to a Plot

posterior: Generate Posterior Simulations

postsim: Generate Posterior Simulations for lm or glm Objects...

print.rv: Print Distribution Summary of a Random Variable

quantile.rv: Distribution of a Quantile of a Random Vector

range.rv: Distribution of the Range of a Random Vector

rep.rv: Replicate Elements of Random Vectors

rv: Random Vectors

rvattr: Attributes of Random Variables

rvbern: Generate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model

rvbeta: Generate Random Vectors from a Beta Sampling Model

rvbinom: Generate Random Variables from a Binomial Sampling Model

rvboot: Generate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution

rvcat: Generate Categorical Random Variables

rvcauchy: Generate Random Variables from a Cauchy Sampling Model

rvchisq: Generate Random Variables from a Chi-Square Sampling Model

rvci: Credible (Uncertainty) Intervals for Random Scalars

rvconst: Random Vector with a Point-Mass Distribution

rvcov: Covariance Between Components of Random Vectors

rvcut: Convert Numeric to Random Factor

rvdens: Sample from an arbitrary density function using grid...

rvdirichlet: Generate Random Variables from a Dirichlet Sampling Model

rvdiscrete: Generate Random Vectors from a Discrete Sampling Model

rvempirical: Generate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution

rvexp: Generate Random Vectors from an Exponential Sampling Model

rv-Extract: Extract or Replace Parts of a Random Vector

rvfactor: Categorical Random Variables (Random Factors)

rvgamma: Generate Random Variables from a Gamma Sampling Model

rvhist: Histogram of Distributions of Components of a Random Vector

rvifelse: Conditional Random Element Selection

rvinvchisq: Generate Random Variables from a Inverse-Chi-Square Sampling...

rvmapply: Apply a function to multiple random vector arguments

rvmatch: Generate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model

rvmatrix: Matrices and Arrays of Random Vectors

rvmean: Expectation of a Random Variable

rvmeanunif: The distribution of the mean of uniform random variables

rvmin: Maxima and Minima of Random Variables

rvmultinom: Generate Random Variables from a Multinomial Sampling Model

rvnchains: Number of Markov Chains Used to Generate Simulations of a...

rvneff: Number of Effective Draws in Each Component of a Random...

rvnorm: Generate Random Variables from a Gaussian (Normal) Sampling...

rvnsims: Number of simulations stored in each component of an rv...

rv-package: Simulation-based Random Variable Objects

rvpar: Set or Query Parameters of the 'rv' Package

rvpermut: Random Vectors with a Permutation Distribution

rvpois: Generate Random Vectors from a Poisson Sampling Model

rvpredict: Generate predictions from models

rvquantile: Componentwise Quantiles of Random Variables

rvRhat: R-hat Convergence Diagnostic

rvsample: Draw a Sample from the Simulation Matrix of a Random Variable

rvsimapply: Apply a Function to Columns of the Matrix of Simulation of a...

rvsims: Create Random Vectors from Simulation Draws

rvsummary: Random Vector Summaries

rvt: Generate Random Variables from a Student-t Sampling Model

rvunif: Generate Random Vectors from a Uniform Sampling Model

rvvar: Variances of Components of Random Vectors

simapply: Apply a Function to Rows of Simulations of Random Vectors

sims: Retrieve the Simulations of Random Vectors

solve.rv: Random Vectors

sort.rv: Distribution of Order Statistics of a Random Vector

splitbyname: Split a vector based on the names of the components

summary2.rv: Numerical Summary of a Random Variable

Summary.rv: Summary

unlist.rv: Flatten Lists Containing rv Objects

Files in this package

rv/man/unlist.rv.Rd rv/man/summary2.rv.Rd rv/man/splitbyname.Rd rv/man/sort.rv.Rd rv/man/solve.rv.Rd rv/man/sims.Rd rv/man/simapply.Rd rv/man/rvvar.Rd rv/man/rvunif.Rd rv/man/rvt.Rd rv/man/rvsummary.Rd rv/man/rvsims.Rd rv/man/rvsimapply.Rd rv/man/rvsample.Rd rv/man/rvquantile.Rd rv/man/rvpredict.Rd rv/man/rvpois.Rd rv/man/rvpermut.Rd rv/man/rvpar.Rd rv/man/rvnsims.Rd rv/man/rvnorm.Rd rv/man/rvneff.Rd rv/man/rvnchains.Rd rv/man/rvmultinom.Rd rv/man/rvmin.Rd rv/man/rvmeanunif.Rd rv/man/rvmean.Rd rv/man/rvmatrix.Rd rv/man/rvmatch.Rd rv/man/rvmapply.Rd rv/man/rvinvchisq.Rd rv/man/rvifelse.Rd rv/man/rvhist.Rd rv/man/rvgamma.Rd rv/man/rvfactor.Rd rv/man/rvexp.Rd rv/man/rvempirical.Rd rv/man/rvdiscrete.Rd rv/man/rvdirichlet.Rd rv/man/rvdens.Rd rv/man/rvcut.Rd rv/man/rvcov.Rd rv/man/rvconst.Rd rv/man/rvci.Rd rv/man/rvchisq.Rd rv/man/rvcauchy.Rd rv/man/rvcat.Rd rv/man/rvboot.Rd rv/man/rvbinom.Rd rv/man/rvbeta.Rd rv/man/rvbern.Rd rv/man/rvattr.Rd rv/man/rvRhat.Rd rv/man/rv.Rd rv/man/rv-package.Rd rv/man/rv-Extract.Rd rv/man/rep.rv.Rd rv/man/range.rv.Rd rv/man/quantile.rv.Rd rv/man/print.rv.Rd rv/man/postsim.Rd rv/man/posterior.Rd rv/man/points.rv.Rd rv/man/plot.rv.Rd rv/man/outer.rv.Rd rv/man/numeric.rv.Rd rv/man/mlplot.Rd rv/man/median.rv.Rd rv/man/mean.rv.Rd rv/man/matmult.Rd rv/man/logical.rv.Rd rv/man/lines.rv.Rd rv/man/ivplot.Rd rv/man/is.na.rv.Rd rv/man/integer.rv.Rd rv/man/hist.rv.Rd rv/man/fuzzy.Rd rv/man/double.rv.Rd rv/man/detachrv.Rd rv/man/cov.rv.Rd rv/man/constant.Rd rv/man/cbind.rv.Rd rv/man/c.rv.Rd rv/man/as.vector.rv.Rd rv/man/as.rv.stanfit.Rd rv/man/as.rv.bugs.Rd rv/man/as.list.rv.Rd rv/man/apply.rv.Rd rv/man/aperm.rv.Rd rv/man/abline.rv.Rd rv/man/Summary.rv.Rd rv/man/Math.rv.Rd
rv/R/zzz_rv.R rv/R/var_rv.R rv/R/unlist_rv.R rv/R/summary_rv.R rv/R/splitbyname.R rv/R/sort_rv.R rv/R/solve_rv.R rv/R/sims_as_list.R rv/R/sims.R rv/R/simapply_rv.R rv/R/sd_rv.R rv/R/rvvapply.R rv/R/rvunif.R rv/R/rvt.R rv/R/rvsummary.R rv/R/rvsims.R rv/R/rvsimapply.R rv/R/rvsd_rvvar.R rv/R/rvsample.R rv/R/rvquantile_rvmedian.R rv/R/rvquantile.R rv/R/rvpredict.R rv/R/rvpois.R rv/R/rvpermut.R rv/R/rvpar.R rv/R/rvobj.R rv/R/rvnorm.R rv/R/rvngamma.R rv/R/rvnbeta.R rv/R/rvmultinom.R rv/R/rvminmax.R rv/R/rvmin_rvmax_rvrange.R rv/R/rvmedian.R rv/R/rvmeanunif.R rv/R/rvmean_E_Pr.R rv/R/rvmatrix_rvarray.R rv/R/rvmatch.R rv/R/rvmapply.R rv/R/rvlength.R rv/R/rvinvchisq.R rv/R/rvintervals.R rv/R/rvifelse.R rv/R/rvhyper.R rv/R/rvhist.R rv/R/rvgamma.R rv/R/rvfiniterange.R rv/R/rvfactor.R rv/R/rvexp.R rv/R/rvempirical.R rv/R/rvdiscrete.R rv/R/rvdirichlet.R rv/R/rvdf.R rv/R/rvdens.R rv/R/rvcut.R rv/R/rvcov.R rv/R/rvconst.R rv/R/rvcolortheme.R rv/R/rvci.R rv/R/rvchisq.R rv/R/rvcauchy.R rv/R/rvcat.R rv/R/rvcards.R rv/R/rvboot.R rv/R/rvbinom.R rv/R/rvbeta.R rv/R/rvbern.R rv/R/rvattr.R rv/R/rv_any_na_all_na.R rv/R/rvVectorize.R rv/R/rv.R rv/R/rv-util.R rv/R/rep_rv.R rv/R/range_rv.R rv/R/random.R rv/R/quantile_rv.R rv/R/print_rvfactor.R rv/R/print_rv.R rv/R/postsim.R rv/R/posterior.R rv/R/points_rv.R rv/R/plot_rv.R rv/R/outer_rv.R rv/R/numeric_rv.R rv/R/nsims.R rv/R/newrv.R rv/R/mlplot.R rv/R/min_max_rv.R rv/R/median_rv.R rv/R/mean_rv.R rv/R/mcmcattr.R rv/R/matmult_rv.R rv/R/lines_rv.R rv/R/ivplot.R rv/R/is_na_rv.R rv/R/hist_rv.R rv/R/fuzzy.R rv/R/finiterange.R rv/R/detachrv.R rv/R/cov_rv.R rv/R/cor_rv.R rv/R/constant.R rv/R/cbind_rbind_rv.R rv/R/c_rv.R rv/R/as_vector_rv.R rv/R/as_rv_bugs.R rv/R/as_list_rv.R rv/R/as.rv.stanfit.R rv/R/as.rv.R rv/R/apply_rv.R rv/R/aperm_rv.R rv/R/anyisrv.R rv/R/abline_rv.R rv/R/Summary.R rv/R/Ops_rv.R rv/R/Math_rv.R rv/R/Extract_rv.R rv/R/00rvheader.R

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