rv: Simulation-Based Random Variable Objects

Implements simulation-based random variable class and a suite of methods.

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AuthorJouni Kerman <jouni@kerman.com>
Date of publication2017-04-26 20:02:36 UTC
MaintainerJouni Kerman <jouni@kerman.com>

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Man pages

abline.rv: Add (Random) Straight Lines to a Plot

aperm.rv: Random Array Transposition

apply.rv: Apply Functions over Margins of Random Arrays

as.list.rv: Coerce a random vector object to a list

as.rv.bugs: Coerce a bugs object into Random Variable Objects

as.rv.stanfit: Convert simulations generated by Stan to a list of rv objects

as.vector.rv: Coerce an rv object

cbind.rv: Combine random vectors by columns or rows

constant: Constant Vectors

cov.rv: Distributions of Various Statistics of a Random Vector and...

c.rv: Concatenation of random vectors

detachrv: Detach the rv package

double.rv: Coercing Random Vectors to Real-valued

fuzzy: Fuzziness

hist.rv: Histogram of a random vector

integer.rv: Integer Random vectors

is.na.rv: Missing Data Indicators

ivplot: Interval plot

lines.rv: Add Connected (Random) Line Segments to a Plot

logical.rv: Logical Random vectors

Math.rv: Mathematical functions and Operators for rv Objects

matmult: Random Matrix Multiplication

mean.rv: Distribution of the Arithmetic Mean of a Random Vector

median.rv: Distribution of the Sample Median

mlplot: Horizontal interval plot of components of a random vector

numeric.rv: Numeric Random Vectors

outer.rv: Outer Product of Random Arrays

plot.rv: Plotting Scatterplots of Random Variable Objects

points.rv: Add Points and Intervals to a Plot

posterior: Generate Posterior Simulations

postsim: Generate Posterior Simulations for lm or glm Objects...

print.rv: Print Distribution Summary of a Random Variable

quantile.rv: Distribution of a Quantile of a Random Vector

range.rv: Distribution of the Range of a Random Vector

rep.rv: Replicate Elements of Random Vectors

rv: Random Vectors

rvattr: Attributes of Random Variables

rvbern: Generate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model

rvbeta: Generate Random Vectors from a Beta Sampling Model

rvbinom: Generate Random Variables from a Binomial Sampling Model

rvboot: Generate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution

rvcat: Generate Categorical Random Variables

rvcauchy: Generate Random Variables from a Cauchy Sampling Model

rvchisq: Generate Random Variables from a Chi-Square Sampling Model

rvci: Credible (Uncertainty) Intervals for Random Scalars

rvconst: Random Vector with a Point-Mass Distribution

rvcov: Covariance Between Components of Random Vectors

rvcut: Convert Numeric to Random Factor

rvdens: Sample from an arbitrary density function using grid...

rvdirichlet: Generate Random Variables from a Dirichlet Sampling Model

rvdiscrete: Generate Random Vectors from a Discrete Sampling Model

rvempirical: Generate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution

rvexp: Generate Random Vectors from an Exponential Sampling Model

rv-Extract: Extract or Replace Parts of a Random Vector

rvfactor: Categorical Random Variables (Random Factors)

rvgamma: Generate Random Variables from a Gamma Sampling Model

rvhist: Histogram of Distributions of Components of a Random Vector

rvifelse: Conditional Random Element Selection

rvinvchisq: Generate Random Variables from a Inverse-Chi-Square Sampling...

rvmapply: Apply a function to multiple random vector arguments

rvmatch: Generate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model

rvmatrix: Matrices and Arrays of Random Vectors

rvmean: Expectation of a Random Variable

rvmeanunif: The distribution of the mean of uniform random variables

rvmin: Maxima and Minima of Random Variables

rvmultinom: Generate Random Variables from a Multinomial Sampling Model

rvnchains: Number of Markov Chains Used to Generate Simulations of a...

rvneff: Number of Effective Draws in Each Component of a Random...

rvnorm: Generate Random Variables from a Gaussian (Normal) Sampling...

rvnsims: Number of simulations stored in each component of an rv...

rv-package: Simulation-based Random Variable Objects

rvpar: Set or Query Parameters of the 'rv' Package

rvpermut: Random Vectors with a Permutation Distribution

rvpois: Generate Random Vectors from a Poisson Sampling Model

rvpredict: Generate predictions from models

rvquantile: Componentwise Quantiles of Random Variables

rvRhat: R-hat Convergence Diagnostic

rvsample: Draw a Sample from the Simulation Matrix of a Random Variable

rvsimapply: Apply a Function to Columns of the Matrix of Simulation of a...

rvsims: Create Random Vectors from Simulation Draws

rvsummary: Random Vector Summaries

rvt: Generate Random Variables from a Student-t Sampling Model

rvunif: Generate Random Vectors from a Uniform Sampling Model

rvvar: Variances of Components of Random Vectors

simapply: Apply a Function to Rows of Simulations of Random Vectors

sims: Retrieve the Simulations of Random Vectors

solve.rv: Random Vectors

sort.rv: Distribution of Order Statistics of a Random Vector

splitbyname: Split a vector based on the names of the components

summary2.rv: Numerical Summary of a Random Variable

Summary.rv: Summary

unlist.rv: Flatten Lists Containing rv Objects


\%**\% Man page
abline.rv Man page
aperm.rv Man page
apply.rv Man page
as.array.rv Man page
as.constant Man page
as.constant.rv Man page
as.constant.rvsummary Man page
as.data.frame.rvsummary Man page
as.double.rv Man page
as.double.rvsummary Man page
as.integer.rv Man page
as.list.rv Man page
as.logical.rv Man page
as.matrix.rv Man page
as.numeric.rv Man page
as.numeric.rvfactor Man page
as.rv Man page
as.rv.bugs Man page
as.rv.default Man page
as.rvfactor Man page
as.rv.integer Man page
as.rv.list Man page
as.rv.logical Man page
as.rv.matrix Man page
as.rv.numeric Man page
as.rvobj Man page
as.rv.rv Man page
as.rv.rvfactor Man page
as.rv.stanfit Man page
as.rvsummary Man page
as.rvsummary.bugs Man page
as.rvsummary.data.frame Man page
as.rvsummary.rv Man page
as.rvsummary.rvsummary Man page
as.vector.rv Man page
cbind.rv Man page
cc Man page
cor.rv Man page
cov.rv Man page
c.rv Man page
c.rvsummary Man page
cummax.rv Man page
cummin.rv Man page
cumprod.rv Man page
cumsum.rv Man page
detachrv Man page
dimnames<-.rvsummary Man page
dimnames.rvsummary Man page
dim<-.rvsummary Man page
dim.rvsummary Man page
E Man page
fuzzy Man page
getnsims Man page
hist.rv Man page
impute<- Man page
\%*in*\% Man page
is.array.rv Man page
is.constant Man page
is.fuzzy Man page
is.fuzzy.rv Man page
is.matrix.rv Man page
is.na.rv Man page
is.numeric.rv Man page
is.numeric.rvfactor Man page
is.random Man page
is.rv Man page
is.rv.default Man page
is.rvfactor Man page
is.rvobj Man page
is.rv.rv Man page
is.rvsummary Man page
ivplot Man page
length.rvsummary Man page
lines.rv Man page
Math.rv Man page
Math.rvsim Man page
matmult.rv Man page
max.rv Man page
mean.rv Man page
median.rv Man page
min.rv Man page
mlplot Man page
mlplot.default Man page
mlplot.rvsummary Man page
names<-.rvsummary Man page
names.rvsummary Man page
numeric.rv Man page
Ops.rv Man page
Ops.rvsim Man page
outer.rv Man page
plot.rv Man page
plot.rvsummary Man page
pmax.rv Man page
pmin.rv Man page
points.rv Man page
posterior Man page
posterior.glm Man page
posterior.lm Man page
postsim Man page
postsim.glm Man page
postsim.lm Man page
Pr Man page
print.rv Man page
print.rvfactor Man page
print.rvsummary Man page
print.rvsummary_rvfactor Man page
quantile.rv Man page
range.rv Man page
rbind.rv Man page
rep.rv Man page
rv Man page
!.rv Man page
[<-.rv Man page
[<-.rv Man page
[.rv Man page
\%*\%.rv Man page
rv.all.na Man page
rv.any.na Man page
rvarray Man page
rvattr Man page
rvattr<- Man page
rvbern Man page
rvbeta Man page
rvbinom Man page
rvboot Man page
rvcat Man page
rvcauchy Man page
rvchisq Man page
rvci Man page
rvconst Man page
rvcov Man page
rvcut Man page
rvcut.rv Man page
rvdens Man page
rvdirichlet Man page
rvdiscrete Man page
rvempirical Man page
rvexp Man page
rvfactor Man page
[.rvfactor Man page
rvfactor.rv Man page
rvgamma Man page
rvhist Man page
rvifelse Man page
rvinvchisq Man page
rvmapply Man page
rvmatch Man page
rvmatrix Man page
rvmax Man page
rvmean Man page
rvmeanunif Man page
rvmedian Man page
rvmin Man page
rvmultinom Man page
rvnbeta Man page
rvnchains Man page
rvneff Man page
rvngamma Man page
rvnorm Man page
rvnsims Man page
rvnsims.rv Man page
rvnsims.rvsummary Man page
rv-package Man page
rvpar Man page
rvpermut Man page
rvpermut Man page
rvpois Man page
rvpredict Man page
rvpredict.lm Man page
rvquantile Man page
rvquantile.rv Man page
rvquantile.rvsummary Man page
rvrange Man page
rvRhat Man page
rvsample Man page
rvsd Man page
rvsd.rv Man page
rvsd.rvsummary Man page
rvsimapply Man page
rvsims Man page
rvsummary Man page
[<-.rvsummary Man page
[.rvsummary Man page
rvt Man page
rvtriang Man page
rvunif Man page
rvvar Man page
rvvar.rv Man page
rvvar.rvsummary Man page
rvVectorize Man page
sd.rv Man page
setnsims Man page
simapply Man page
sims Man page
sims.default Man page
sims.rv Man page
sims.rvsummary Man page
solve.rv Man page
sort.rv Man page
splitbyname Man page
summary.rv Man page
Summary.rv Man page
summary.rvfactor Man page
summary.rvmixed Man page
summary.rvsummary Man page
summary.rvsummary_integer Man page
summary.rvsummary_logical Man page
summary.rvsummary_numeric Man page
summary.rvsummary_rvfactor Man page
unlistrv Man page
var.rv Man page


R/hist_rv.R R/rvmin_rvmax_rvrange.R R/rvquantile_rvmedian.R R/solve_rv.R R/c_rv.R R/rvbinom.R R/rvci.R R/apply_rv.R R/rvcards.R R/ivplot.R R/median_rv.R R/postsim.R R/sort_rv.R R/rv.R R/rvgamma.R R/Ops_rv.R R/rvhyper.R R/as.rv.stanfit.R R/rvnbeta.R R/plot_rv.R R/rvmapply.R R/points_rv.R R/rvmultinom.R R/random.R R/sims.R R/rvbern.R R/min_max_rv.R R/mean_rv.R R/rvvapply.R R/rvcauchy.R R/rvunif.R R/rvexp.R R/rvminmax.R R/rvmatch.R R/rvcolortheme.R R/rvpermut.R R/rvintervals.R R/finiterange.R R/rvconst.R R/rvhist.R R/rep_rv.R R/summary_rv.R R/aperm_rv.R R/nsims.R R/rvfactor.R R/constant.R R/newrv.R R/rvt.R R/rv_any_na_all_na.R R/cbind_rbind_rv.R R/matmult_rv.R R/rvpois.R R/rvcov.R R/rvmedian.R R/rvobj.R R/sd_rv.R R/rvcat.R R/rvsample.R R/zzz_rv.R R/rvchisq.R R/simapply_rv.R R/rvmean_E_Pr.R R/is_na_rv.R R/rvsummary.R R/fuzzy.R R/Extract_rv.R R/rvfiniterange.R R/rvbeta.R R/as_rv_bugs.R R/rvdiscrete.R R/posterior.R R/rvboot.R R/as.rv.R R/rvifelse.R R/quantile_rv.R R/rvmeanunif.R R/rvpredict.R R/detachrv.R R/rvattr.R R/rvquantile.R R/Math_rv.R R/rvcut.R R/rvsimapply.R R/splitbyname.R R/mlplot.R R/cor_rv.R R/rv-util.R R/rvVectorize.R R/rvlength.R R/as_list_rv.R R/abline_rv.R R/rvdens.R R/print_rv.R R/rvsd_rvvar.R R/rvmatrix_rvarray.R R/numeric_rv.R R/unlist_rv.R R/rvinvchisq.R R/rvpar.R R/rvempirical.R R/mcmcattr.R R/rvngamma.R R/print_rvfactor.R R/rvnorm.R R/anyisrv.R R/Summary.R R/00rvheader.R R/as_vector_rv.R R/sims_as_list.R R/lines_rv.R R/range_rv.R R/rvdirichlet.R R/rvdf.R R/rvsims.R R/outer_rv.R R/cov_rv.R R/var_rv.R
man/rvnchains.Rd man/rvdiscrete.Rd man/quantile.rv.Rd man/rvmatrix.Rd man/rvt.Rd man/numeric.rv.Rd man/rvneff.Rd man/range.rv.Rd man/rvsimapply.Rd man/rvattr.Rd man/unlist.rv.Rd man/rvpar.Rd man/logical.rv.Rd man/aperm.rv.Rd man/rvnsims.Rd man/rvinvchisq.Rd man/rvvar.Rd man/rvcov.Rd man/constant.Rd man/cov.rv.Rd man/rvdens.Rd man/summary2.rv.Rd man/rvmin.Rd man/is.na.rv.Rd man/rvsample.Rd man/rvpois.Rd man/as.list.rv.Rd man/splitbyname.Rd man/rvempirical.Rd man/postsim.Rd man/rep.rv.Rd man/rvcauchy.Rd man/rvboot.Rd man/rvchisq.Rd man/rvmean.Rd man/rvpredict.Rd man/solve.rv.Rd man/rvbinom.Rd man/mean.rv.Rd man/c.rv.Rd man/outer.rv.Rd man/print.rv.Rd man/simapply.Rd man/as.rv.bugs.Rd man/rvmeanunif.Rd man/median.rv.Rd man/matmult.Rd man/rvbeta.Rd man/ivplot.Rd man/detachrv.Rd man/rvcat.Rd man/rvmapply.Rd man/as.vector.rv.Rd man/rvdirichlet.Rd man/apply.rv.Rd man/rvnorm.Rd man/fuzzy.Rd man/hist.rv.Rd man/integer.rv.Rd man/lines.rv.Rd man/Summary.rv.Rd man/rv-Extract.Rd man/plot.rv.Rd man/rvconst.Rd man/rvpermut.Rd man/rvunif.Rd man/sims.Rd man/Math.rv.Rd man/rvmatch.Rd man/cbind.rv.Rd man/rvifelse.Rd man/double.rv.Rd man/rvbern.Rd man/rv-package.Rd man/as.rv.stanfit.Rd man/rvexp.Rd man/rv.Rd man/rvhist.Rd man/points.rv.Rd man/sort.rv.Rd man/posterior.Rd man/rvquantile.Rd man/mlplot.Rd man/rvfactor.Rd man/rvmultinom.Rd man/rvci.Rd man/rvcut.Rd man/rvRhat.Rd man/abline.rv.Rd man/rvsims.Rd man/rvgamma.Rd man/rvsummary.Rd
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