rviewgraph-package: Animated Graph Layout Viewer

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for graph viewing, manipulation and plotting.


Package: rviewgraph
Type: Package
Version: 1.4.1
Date: 2021-04-01
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes
SystemRequirements: 'Java' >= 8

Provides 'Java' graphical user interfaces (GUI) for viewing, manipulating and plotting graphs. Graphs may be directed or undirected.

The original program, rViewGraph takes a graph specified as an incidence matrix, array of edges, or in igraph format and runs a graphical user interface that shows an animation of a force directed algorithm positioning the vertices in two dimensions. If run from a non-interactive R session, rViewGraph prints an error message and returns NULL.

A new program, vg, is an alternative interface to the underlying 'Java' program that provides a more coherent way of specifying the graph, and more control over how the vertices appear in the GUI. Specifically, vg allows for arbitrary integer indices to identify the vertices, and allows changes to the graph's vertex and edge sets. The text labels, colours, shapes and sizes of the vertices can also be specified, either before or after vertices are added to the graph. These changes can be made while the vertex positioning animation is running. vg also provides functions for saving and restoring the state of the graph including vertices and edges, vertex positions, and vertex appearances. vg() can be run non-interactively without a GUI which allows a graph structure to be built and saved for a future interactive session.

Both programs can also start a dialog box to print the current view of the graph.

The underlying positioning methods works well for graphs of various structure of up to a few thousand vertices. It's not fazed by graphs that comprise several components.

See Also

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#' There is a vignette on 'Building a simple graph sampler'.

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