Man pages for rvmethod
Radial Velocity Method for Detecting Exoplanets

estimate_templateEstimate the Template Spectrum
findabsorptionfeaturesFind Absorption Features in a Spectrum
fit3gaussFit Gaussians to Three Absorption Features
gauss1funcA Single Gaussian Absorption Feature
gauss2funcTwo Gaussian Absorption Features
gauss3funcThree Gaussian Absorption Features
GaussfitFit Gaussians to Absorption Features of a Normalized Spectrum
gaussfuncGaussian Function
HG1Evaluate the First-Degree Generalized Hermite-Gaussian...
hgrvApply the Hermite-Gaussian Radial Velocity (HGRV) Estimation...
observed_specObserved spectrum for the star 51 Pegasi (HD 217014)
spectraObserved spectra for the star 51 Pegasi (HD 217014)
templateEstimated template spectrum for the star 51 Pegasi (HD...
wave_matchAdjust the wavelength solution of a spectrum
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