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Companion to the Forthcoming Book - R you Ready?

collapse_responsesetCollapse multiple response sets to single variable
count_naCount the number of NAs in each row or in each column
d.etaSample data set for eta function examples
d.ngoNGO Dataset
d.superiorityStudent self assessment data
etaEta coefficient for nominal/interval data.
fooA function to demonstrate how an R function is defined.
ggplot.qqnorm.spssPlot the output from 'qqplot.spss' using 'ggplot2'
intervalsUse standard mathematical interval notation in 'recode' from...
nom.lambdaCalculate Lambda for nominal data tables.
nom.uncertaintyCalculate the Uncertainty Coefficient (Theil's U)
ord.gammaCalculate Goodman-Kruskal gamma for ordinal data tables.
ord.somers.dCalculate Somers' d for ordinal data tables.
ord.tauCalculate Kendall's Tau statistics for ordinal data tables...
plot.qqnorm.spssPlot the output from 'qqplot.spss'
print.nom.lambdaPrint method for class nom.lambda
print.nom.uncertaintyPrint method for class nom.uncertainty
print.ord.gammaPrint method for class ord.gamma
print.ord.somersdPrint method for class somersd
print.ord.tauPrint method for class ord.tau
qqnorm_spssSPSS like QQ-plot
recode2Wrapper for 'recode' from 'car' to allow to recode multiple...
rowMeans2Form row means taking into account a minimum number of values...
ryouready'ryouready': An R package to accompany the 'R you ready?' R...
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