Man pages for saeSim
Simulation Tools for Small Area Estimation

agg_allAggregation function method for sim_setup
autoplotAutoplot method
base_add_idAdd id-variables to data
base_idConstruct data with id-variables
comp_varCompute variables in data
generatorsGenerator functions
pipePiping operator
plot.sim_setupPlotting methods
read_dataRead in simulated data
samplingSampling functions
showMethodsShow for 'sim_setup'
simStart simulation
sim_aggAggregation component
sim_baseBase component
sim_compCalculation component
sim_comp_preconfPreconfigured computation components
sim_genGeneration component
sim_gen_contGeneration Component for contamination
sim_gen_preconfPreconfigured generation components
sim_respResponse component
sim_sampleSampling component
sim_setup_preconfiguredPreconfigured set-ups
sim_simNameAdd a name to a sim_setup
summary-sim_setup-methodSummary for a sim_setup
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