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A consistent interface to encrypt/decrypt strings, R objects, files. Alternatives for base R functions 'serialize/unserialize', 'save/load' are provided.

The following functions are provided:

encrypt_string/decrypt_string: encrypt_string encrypts a string as a string and decrypt_string decrypts the encrypted string(encrypted using encrypt_string)

encrypt_object/decrypt object: encrypt_object encrypts a R object as a raw object or a string and decrypt_object decrypts a raw object or a string(encrypted by encrypt_object)

encrypt_file/decrypt_file: encrypt_file encrypts file into another binary or ascii file. decrypt_file) decrypts a file (encrypted by encrypt_file)

save_object/retrieve_object: save_object encrypts a R object to raw or text connection or a file. retrieve_object decrypts a raw or a text connection or a file (encrypted by save_object.)


Maintainer: KS Srikanth

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