Man pages for safetyGraphics
Create Interactive Graphics Related to Clinical Trial Safety

adlbcSafety measures sample data
chartRendererCreate an interactive graphics widget
chartRenderer-shinyShiny bindings for chartRenderer
chartsMetadataCharts Metadata
checkColumnCheck that a setting parameter has a matching data column
checkFieldCheck that a setting parameter has a matching data field
checkNumericCheck that settings for mapping numeric data are associated...
checkRequiredCheck that the user has provided a valid for a given settings...
detectStandardDetect the data standard used for a data set
evaluateStandardEvaluate a data set against a data standard
generateSettingsGenerate a settings object based on a data standard
generateShellGenerate a default settings shell based on settings metadata
getRequiredSettingsGet a list of required settings
getSettingKeysGet setting keys matching a pattern
getSettingsMetadataGet metadata about chart settings
getSettingValueRetrieve the value for a given named parameter
hasColumnCheck whether a column is found in a data set
hasFieldCheck whether a specified field value is found in a data set
SafetyGraphics'safetyGraphics' package
safetyGraphicsAppRun the interactive safety graphics builder
setSettingsValueSet the value for a given named parameter
settingsMetadataSettings Metadata
standardsMetadataStandards Metadata
textKeysToListHelper function to convert keys from text to nested lists
trimDataRemoves unnecessary rows and columns
trimSettingsSubset a settings object to thsoe relevant for a list of...
validateSettingsCompare a settings object with a specified data set
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