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An Implementation of 'Salesforce' APIs Using Tidy Principles

build_metadata_xml_from_listMetadata List to XML Converter
build_soap_xml_from_listBuild XML Request Body
catch_errorsFunction to catch and print HTTP errors
get_osDetermine the host operating system
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
make_base_metadata_urlBase Metadata API URL Generator
make_base_rest_urlBase REST API URL Generator
make_base_soap_urlBase SOAP API URL Generator
make_bulk_batch_details_urlBulk Batch Details URL Generator
make_bulk_batches_urlBulk Batches URL Generator
make_bulk_batch_status_urlBulk Batch Status URL Generator
make_bulk_create_job_urlBulk Create Job URL Generator
make_bulk_delete_job_urlBulk Delete Job Generic URL Generator
make_bulk_end_job_generic_urlBulk End Job Generic URL Generator
make_bulk_get_job_urlBulk Delete Job Generic URL Generator
make_bulk_job_records_urlBulk Job Records URL Generator
make_bulk_query_result_urlBulk Query Result URL Generator
make_bulk_query_urlBulk Query URL Generator
make_chatter_users_urlChatter Users URL Generator
make_composite_batch_urlComposite Batch URL Generator
make_composite_urlComposite URL Generator
make_describe_objects_urlDescribe Objects URL Generator
make_login_urlLogin URL Generator
make_parameterized_search_urlParameterized Search URL Generator
make_query_urlQuery URL Generator
make_search_urlSearch URL Generator
make_soap_xml_skeletonMake SOAP XML Request Skeleton
metadata_type_validatorMetadata Data Type Validator
parameterized_search_controlAuxiliary for Controlling Parametrized Searches
rDELETEDELETEs with retries and authentication
rforcecom.bulkActionRun Bulk Action
rforcecom.bulkQuerysalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.createsalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.deletesalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.getServerTimestampsalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.loginsalesforcer's backwards compatible version of rforcecom.login
rforcecom.querysalesforcer's backwards compatible version of rforcecom.query
rforcecom.retrievesalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.searchsalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.updatesalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rforcecom.upsertsalesforcer's backwards compatible version of...
rGETGETs with retries and authentication
rPATCHPATCHs with retries and authentication
rPOSTPOSTs with retries and authentication
rPUTPUTs with retries and authentication
salesforcer'salesforcer' package
salesforcer_stateReturn the package's .state environment variable
session_id_availableCheck session_id availability
sf_abort_job_bulkAbort Bulk API Job
sf_access_tokenReturn access_token attribute of OAuth 2.0 Token
sf_authLog in to Salesforce
sf_auth_checkCheck that an Authorized Salesforce Session Exists
sf_auth_refreshRefresh an existing Authorized Salesforce Token
sf_batch_details_bulkReturning the Details of a Batch in a Bulk API Job
sf_batch_status_bulkChecking the Status of a Batch in a Bulk API Job
sf_bulk_operationRun Bulk Operation
sf_close_job_bulkClose Bulk API Job
sf_createCreate Records
sf_create_batches_bulkAdd Batches to a Bulk API Job
sf_create_bulk_v1Create Records using Bulk 1.0 API
sf_create_bulk_v2Create Records using Bulk 2.0 API
sf_create_job_bulkCreate Bulk API Job
sf_create_job_bulk_v1Create Job using Bulk 1.0 API
sf_create_job_bulk_v2Create Job using Bulk 2.0 API
sf_create_metadataCreate Object or Field Metadata in Salesforce
sf_create_restCreate Records using REST API
sf_create_soapCreate Records using SOAP API
sf_deleteDelete Records
sf_delete_job_bulkDelete Bulk API Job
sf_delete_metadataDelete Object or Field Metadata in Salesforce
sf_describe_metadataDescribe the Metadata in an Organization
sf_describe_objectsSObject Basic Information
sf_end_job_bulkEnd Bulk API Job
sf_get_job_bulkGet Bulk API Job
sf_get_job_records_bulkReturning the Details of a Bulk API Job
sf_input_data_validationValidate the input for an operation
sf_job_batches_bulkChecking the Status of a Batch in a Bulk API Job
sf_list_api_limitsList the Limits for an API
sf_list_metadataList All Objects of a Certain Metadata Type in Salesforce
sf_list_objectsList Organization Objects and their Metadata
sf_list_resourcesList the Resources for an API
sf_list_rest_api_versionsList REST API Versions
sf_queryPerform SOQL Query
sf_query_bulkRun Bulk Query
sf_query_result_bulkRetrieving the Results of a Bulk Query Batch in a Bulk API...
sf_read_metadataRead Object or Field Metadata from Salesforce
sf_rename_metadataRename Metadata Elements in Salesforce
sf_retrieveRetrieve Records By Id
sf_retrieve_metadataMake A Request to Retrieve the Metadata
sf_retrieve_metadata_check_statusCheck on Retrieve Calls and Get Contents If Available
sf_searchPerform SOSL Search
sf_server_timestampSalesforce Server Timestamp
sf_session_idReturn session_id resulting from Basic auth routine
sf_submit_query_bulkSubmit Bulk Query Batch to a Bulk API Job
sf_updateUpdate Records
sf_update_bulk_v1Update Records using Bulk 1.0 API
sf_update_bulk_v2Update Records using Bulk 2.0 API
sf_update_metadataUpdate Object or Field Metadata in Salesforce
sf_update_restUpdate Records using REST API
sf_update_soapUpdate Records using SOAP API
sf_upload_complete_bulkSignal Upload Complete to Bulk API Job
sf_upsertUpsert Records
sf_upsert_bulk_v1Upsert Records using Bulk 1.0 API
sf_upsert_bulk_v2Upsert Records using Bulk 2.0 API
sf_upsert_metadataUpsert Object or Field Metadata in Salesforce
sf_upsert_restUpsert Records using REST API
sf_upsert_soapUpsert Records using SOAP API
sf_user_infoReturn Current User Info
sf_write_csvWrite a CSV file in format acceptable to Salesforce APIs
token_availableCheck token availability
valid_metadata_listList of Valid Data Types
VERB_nGeneric implementation of HTTP methods with retries and...
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