Man pages for sapfluxnetr
Working with 'Sapfluxnet' Project Data

ARG_MAZARG_MAZ sapfluxnet site
ARG_TREARG_TRE sapfluxnet site
as_sfn_data_multias_sfn_data_multi helper
AUS_CAN_ST2_MIXAUS_CAN_ST2_MIX sapfluxnet site
data_coveragedata coverage
describe_md_variableDetailed description of metadata variables
diurnal_centroidDiurnal centroid calculation
dot-accumulated_posix_awareaccumulated function
dot-assert_that_period_is_validtest for character period
dot-collapse_timestamp.collapse_timestamp helper
dot-env_vars_nameshelper to return all environmental variable names
dot-fixed_metrics_funshelper function to generate the fixed metrics
dot-flaghelper function to flag the mutated data in sfn_mutate and...
dot-metadata_architectureMetadata variables architecture
dot-nightly_daily_cfPeriod custom function
dot-period_to_minutestransform period to minutes
dot-sapflow_tidy.sapflow_tidy helper
dot-timezone_dicTimezones dictionary
dot-write_metadata_cacheWrite metadata cache file to disk
filter_sites_by_mdFilter the sites by metadata variable values
get_timezoneget the timezone of the site
initialize-sfn_data-methodInitialize method for sfn_data
initialize-sfn_data_multi-methodInitialize method for sfn_data multi
metricsComplete metrics wrappers
metrics_tidyfierBuild a tidy data frame from the metrics results nested list
norm_diurnal_centroidNormalized diurnal centroid calculation
pipeReexporting the pipe operator
read_sfn_dataRead sfn_data from disk
read_sfn_metadataRead and combine all metadata
sfn_data-classS4 class for sapfluxnet site data
sfn_data_multi-classS4 class for sapfluxnet multi-site data
sfn_data_multi_validityValidity method for sfn_data_multi class
sfn_data_validityValidity method for sfn_data class
sfn_filterFilter sfn_data by variable/s value
sfn_get_genericssfn_data custom get generics
sfn_get_methodssfn_data get methods
sfn_metadata_exsfn_metadata cache file for example data (ARG_MAZ, ARG_TRE...
sfn_metricsMetrics summary function
sfn_multi_get_methodssfn_data_multi get methods
sfn_mutateMutate variables by function
sfn_mutate_atMutate selected columns by function
sfn_plotplot method for sfn_data class
sfn_replacement_genericssfn_data replacement generics
sfn_replacement_methodssfn_data replacement methods
sfn_sites_in_folderlist available sites in a db folder
sfn_vars_to_filterList all variables that can be used to filter sites
show-sfn_data-methodShow method for sfn_data
show-sfn_data_multi-methodShow method for sfn_data_multi
summarise_by_periodSummaries by period
time_at_eventstime at maximum/minimum
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