Man pages for sarima
Simulation and Prediction with Seasonal ARIMA Models

acfGarchTestTest for GARCH white noise
acfIidTestCarry out IID tests using sample autocorrelations
acfMaTestAutocorrelation test for MA(q)
arCoefGet coefficients and order ARMA filter objects
armaccf_xeCrosscovariances between an ARMA process and its innovations
ArmaModel-classClasses ArmaModel, ArModel and MaModel in package sarima
autocorrelationsCompute autocorrelations and related quantities
autocorrelations-methodsMethods for function autocorrelations()
autocovariances-methodsMethods for function autocovariances()
coerce-methodssetAs methods in package sarima
filterCoefCoefficients and other basic properties of filters
filterCoef-methodsMethods for filterCoef()
filterOrder-methodsMethods for filterOrder()
filterPolyCoef-methodsMethods for filterPolyCoef
filterPoly-methodsMethods for filterPoly
fun.forecastForecasting functions for seasonal ARIMA models
InterceptSpec-classClass InterceptSpec
isStationaryModelCheck if a model is stationary
modelCentermodel center
modelCoefGet the coefficients of models
modelCoef-methodsMethods for generic function modelCoef
modelInterceptGive the intercept parameter of a model
modelOrderGet the model order and other properties of models
modelOrder-methodsGet the order of a model
modelPolyCoef-methodsMethods for modelPolyCoef
modelPoly-methodsGet polynomials associated with SARIMA models
nSeasonsNumber of seasons
nUnitRootsNumber of unit roots in a model
nvcovOfAcfCovariances of sample autocorrelations
partialAutocorrelations-methodsMethods for function partialAutocorrelations
plot-methodsPlot methods in package sarima
prepareSimSarimaPrepare SARIMA simulations
rgarch1p1Simulate GARCH(1,1) models
sarima.fFunction used internally to compute forecasts
SarimaModel-classClass SarimaModel in package sarima
sigmaSqGet the innovation variance of models
sim_sarimaSimulate trajectories of seasonal arima models
summary.SarimaModelMethods for summary in package sarima
VirtualMonicFilter-classUndocumented classes in package sarima
whiteNoiseTestWhite noise tests
xarmaFilterApplies an extended ARMA filter to a time series
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