Man pages for scaleboot
Approximately Unbiased P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap

coefExtract Model Coefficients
interfaceInterface to External Packages
lung73Clustering of 73 Lung Tumors
mam15Mammal Phylogenetic Analysis for 15 trees
optionsOptions for Multiscale Bootstrap
plotPlot Diagnostics for Multiscale Bootstrap
relltestRELL Test for Phylogenetic Inference
sbaicAkaike's Information Criterion
sbconfBootstrap Confidence Intervals
sbfitFitting Models to Bootstrap Probabilities
sbphyloTables for phylogenetic inference
sbpsiModel Specification Functions
sbpvalExtract P-values
scalebootMultiscale Bootstrap Resampling
scaleboot-packageApproximately Unbiased P-values via Multiscale Bootstrap
summaryP-value Calculation for Multiscale Bootstrap
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