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The scclust package is an R wrapper for the scclust library. The package provides functions to construct near-optimal size-constrained clusterings. Subject to user-specified constraints on the size and composition of the clusters, scclust constructs a clustering so that within-cluster pair-wise distances are minimized.


The main clustering function is sc_clustering. Statistics about clusters can be derived with the get_clustering_stats function. To check if a clustering satisfies some set of constraints, use check_clustering. Use scclust to construct a scclust object from an existing clustering.

Clusters can also be constructed with hierarchical_clustering. However, this function does not support type constraints and does not provide optimality guarantees. Its main use is to refine clusterings constructed with the sc_clustering function.

scclust was made with large data sets in mind, and it can cluster tens of millions of data points within minutes on an ordinary desktop computer.

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More information about the scclust library is found here:

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