Man pages for scholar
Analyse Citation Data from Google Scholar

compare_scholar_careersCompare the careers of multiple scholars
compare_scholarsCompare the citation records of multiple scholars
get_article_cite_historyGets the citation history of a single article
get_citation_historyGet historical citation data for a scholar
get_coauthorsGets the network of coauthors of a scholar
get_complete_authorsGet the Complete list of authors for a Publication
get_impactfactorGet journal metrics.
get_num_articlesCalculates how many articles a scholar has published
get_num_distinct_journalsGets the number of distinct journals in which a scholar has...
get_num_top_journalsGets the number of top journals in which a scholar has...
get_oldest_articleGets the year of the oldest article for a scholar
get_profileGets profile information for a scholar
get_publicationsGets the publications for a scholar
plot_coauthorsPlot a network of coauthors
predict_h_indexPredicts the h-index for a researcher
tidy_idEnsures that specified IDs are correctly formatted
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