scorer: Quickly Score Models in Data Science and Machine Learning

A set of tools for quickly scoring models in data science and machine learning. This toolset is written in C++ for blazing fast performance.

AuthorPaul Hendricks [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-02-01 22:06:31
MaintainerPaul Hendricks <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

absolute_error: Calculate absolute error regression loss.

absolute_percent_error: Calculate absolute percent error regression loss.

ae: Calculate absolute error between actual and forecast.

ape: Calculate absolute percent error between actual and forecast.

e: Calculate error between actual and forecast.

explained_variance_score: Calculate explained variance regression score function.

log_error: Calculate log error regression loss.

mape: Calculate mean absolute percent error between actual and...

mean_absolute_error: Calculate mean absolute error regression loss.

mean_absolute_percent_error: Calculate mean absolute percent error regression loss.

mean_absolute_scaled_error: Calculate mean absolute scaled error regression loss.

mean_error: Calculate mean error regression loss.

mean_percent_error: Calculate mean percent error regression loss.

mean_squared_error: Calculate mean squared error regression loss.

mean_squared_log_error: Calculate mean squared log error regression loss.

median_absolute_error: Calculate median absolute error regression loss.

median_absolute_percent_error: Calculate median absolute percent error regression loss.

median_percent_error: Calculate median percent error regression loss.

median_squared_error: Calculate median squared error regression loss.

median_squared_log_error: Calculate median squared log error regression loss.

pe: Calculate percent error between actual and forecast.

percent_error: Calculate percent error regression loss.

r2_score: Calculate R^2 (coefficient of determination) regression score...

rmse: Calculate root mean squared error.

scorer: scorer: Quickly Score Models in Data Science and Machine...

squared_error: Calculate squared error regression loss.

squared_log_error: Calculate squared log_error regression loss.

symmetric_mean_absolute_percent_error: Calculate symmetric mean absolute percent error regression...

symmetric_median_absolute_percent_error: Calculate symmetric median absolute percent error regression...

total_variance_score: Calculate total variance regression score function.

unexplained_variance_score: Calculate unexplained variance regression score function.


absolute_error Man page
absolute_percent_error Man page
ae Man page
ape Man page
e Man page
explained_variance_score Man page
log_error Man page
mape Man page
mean_absolute_error Man page
mean_absolute_percent_error Man page
mean_absolute_scaled_error Man page
mean_error Man page
mean_percent_error Man page
mean_squared_error Man page
mean_squared_log_error Man page
median_absolute_error Man page
median_absolute_percent_error Man page
median_percent_error Man page
median_squared_error Man page
median_squared_log_error Man page
pe Man page
percent_error Man page
r2_score Man page
rmse Man page
scorer Man page
scorer-package Man page
squared_error Man page
squared_log_error Man page
symmetric_mean_absolute_percent_error Man page
symmetric_median_absolute_percent_error Man page
total_variance_score Man page
unexplained_variance_score Man page


scorer/R/regression_metrics.R scorer/R/errors.R scorer/R/RcppExports.R scorer/R/scorer.R
scorer/man/e.Rd scorer/man/mean_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/mean_squared_log_error.Rd scorer/man/pe.Rd scorer/man/mape.Rd scorer/man/explained_variance_score.Rd scorer/man/rmse.Rd scorer/man/ape.Rd scorer/man/squared_log_error.Rd scorer/man/squared_error.Rd scorer/man/mean_error.Rd scorer/man/percent_error.Rd scorer/man/total_variance_score.Rd scorer/man/mean_absolute_error.Rd scorer/man/median_absolute_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/unexplained_variance_score.Rd scorer/man/log_error.Rd scorer/man/absolute_error.Rd scorer/man/median_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/median_squared_log_error.Rd scorer/man/mean_absolute_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/mean_absolute_scaled_error.Rd scorer/man/ae.Rd scorer/man/absolute_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/median_absolute_error.Rd scorer/man/symmetric_median_absolute_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/median_squared_error.Rd scorer/man/scorer.Rd scorer/man/r2_score.Rd scorer/man/symmetric_mean_absolute_percent_error.Rd scorer/man/mean_squared_error.Rd

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