Man pages for scphaser
Phase Variants Within Genes Using Allele Counts

call_gtCall transcribed genotypes
filter_acsetFilter variants and features
filter_feat_nminvarFilter features on minimal number of required variants
filter_homovarsFilter homozygous variants
filter_var_gtFilter variants
filter_zerorowFilter variants with zero allele counts in all cells
marinovSingle-cell RNA-seq allele counts for the Marinov et al...
mousehybridSingle-cell RNA-seq allele counts for a mouse-hybrid dataset
new_acsetConstruct an allele count set
phasePhasing of alleles
plot_concPhasing concordance plot
racsetRandomize an acset
set_gt_concCell-distribution variability upon phasing
subset_colsSubset cells
subset_featSubset features
subset_rowsSubset variants
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