Man pages for scutr
Balancing Multiclass Datasets for Classification Tasks

bullseyeAn imbalanced dataset with a minor class centered around the...
imbalanceAn imbalanced dataset with randomly placed normal...
oversample_smoteOversample a dataset by SMOTE.
resample_randomRandomly resample a dataset.
sample_classesStratified index sample of different values in a vector.
SCUTSMOTE and cluster-based undersampling technique.
undersample_hclustUndersample a dataset by hierarchical clustering.
undersample_kmeansUndersample a dataset by kmeans clustering.
undersample_mclustUndersample a dataset by expectation-maximization clustering
undersample_mindistUndersample a dataset by iteratively removing the observation...
undersample_tomekUndersample a dataset by removing Tomek links.
validate_datasetValidate a dataset for resampling.
wineType and chemical analysis of three different kinds of wine.
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