Man pages for sdglinkage
Synthetic Data Generation for Linkage Methods Development

acquire_error_flagAdd a column of error flags given two data frames.
add_dependent_errorAdd two dependent error flags to a data frame.
add_random_errorAdd random error flags to a data frame.
address_ukUK addresses.
add_variableAdd a synthetic but realistic variable to a dataset following...
adultAdult dataset.
bn_flag_inferenceBayesian inference for error prediction .
check_swap_charCheck if two strings are the same after we swaped the...
compare_cartCompare the synthetic data generated by CART with the real...
compare_sdgCompare the performance of generators.
compare_two_dfCompare two data frames.
damage_gold_standardGenerate a linkage file by damaging the gold standard file.
diff_two_stringsFind all letters in 'string1' which are not in 'string2'....
do_ocr_replacementReplace a string with its ocr error.
do_pho_replacementReplace a string with its phonetic error.
do_typo_replacementReplace a string with its typo error.
extract_addressExtract addresses.
firstname_ukBaby birth first names in England and Wales.
firstname_uk_variantFirst name variants in the UK.
firstname_usFirst names in the US census.
gen_addressGenerate an address.
gen_bn_elicitGenerate synthetic data using BN parameter learning with an...
gen_bn_learnGenerate synthetic data using BN learning.
gen_cartGenerate synthetic data using CART.
gen_dobGenerate a record of date of birth.
gen_firstnameRandomly generate a firstname.
gen_lastnameRandomly generate a lastname.
gen_nhsidGenerate a random nhsid.
get_addressGet an address.
get_transformation_delDelete a character randomly.
get_transformation_insertInsert a character/digit/space/symbol randomly.
get_transformation_name_variantRandomly assign a name to its variant.
get_transformation_ocrEncode OCR error to a string.
get_transformation_phoEncode phonetic error to a string.
get_transformation_trans_charRandomly transpose two neighbouring characters.
get_transformation_trans_dateTranspose the position of day and month.
get_transformation_typoEncode typographic error to a string.
lastname_ukLast names in UK,
lastname_uk_variantLast name variants in the UK.
lastname_usLast names in the US census.
ocr_rulesLook up table of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors.
pho_rulesLook up table of phonetic errors.
plot_bnPlot the BN structure.
plot_compared_sdgPlot the distribution of a varaible from the synthetic data...
replace_firstnameReplace the firstnames with values from another database.
replace_lastnameReplace the lastnames with values from another database.
replace_nhsidReplace nhsid with another random nhsid.
slavo_germanicDetect if it has slavo transformation.
split_dataSplit the data into a training_set and a testing_set.
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