seg: A set of tools for measuring spatial segregation

A package that provides functions for measuring spatial segregation. The methods implemented in this package include White's P index (1983), Morrill's D(adj) (1991), Wong's D(w) and D(s) (1993), and Reardon and O'Sullivan's set of spatial segregation measures (2004).

AuthorSeong-Yun Hong [aut, cre], David O'Sullivan [ctb]
Date of publication2014-05-28 18:45:29
MaintainerSeong-Yun Hong <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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as.list.SegSpatial-method Man page
as.vector.SegDecomp-method Man page
coerce,SegDecomp,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegDecomp,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegDecomp,SpatialPoints-method Man page
coerce,SegDecomp,vector-method Man page
coerce,SegLocal,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegLocal,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegLocal,SpatialPoints-method Man page
coerce,SegSpatial,list-method Man page
coerce,SegSpatial,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegSpatial,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SegSpatial,SpatialPoints-method Man page
coerce,SpatialPointsDataFrame,SegLocal-method Man page
coerce,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame,SegLocal-method Man page
conprof Man page
conprof.calc Man page
deseg Man page
dissim Man page
isp Man page
localenv Man page
localenv.get Man page
plot.SegLocal-method Man page
points.SegLocal-method Man page
print.SegDecomp-method Man page
print.SegLocal-method Man page
print.SegSpatial-method Man page
seg Man page
segdata Man page
SegDecomp Man page
SegDecomp-class Man page
SegLocal Man page
SegLocal-class Man page
SegSpatial Man page
SegSpatial-class Man page
show,SegDecomp-method Man page
show,SegLocal-method Man page
show,SegSpatial-method Man page
spatseg Man page
spplot,SegDecomp-method Man page
spplot,SegLocal-method Man page
spplot,SegSpatial-method Man page
spseg Man page
summary.SegLocal-method Man page
update.SegLocal-method Man page
whiteseg Man page

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