Man pages for segmenTier
Similarity-Based Segmentation of Multidimensional Signals

ash'asinh' data transformation
backtraceBack-tracing step of the 'segmenTier' algorithm.
calculateScoresegmenTier's core dynamic programming routine in Rcpp
clusterCor_cCalculates position-cluster correlations for scoring function...
clusterTimeseriesCluster a processed time-series with k-means.
colorClustersAssign colors to clusters.
flowclusterTimeseriesCluster a processed time-series with 'flowClust' &...
log_1log transformation handling zeros by adding 1
logLik.kmeansExperimental: AIC/BIC for kmeans
myPearsonPearson product-moment correlation coefficient
plot.clusteringPlot method for the "clustering" object.
plotdevSwitch between plot devices.
plotSegmentationSummary plot for the 'segmenTier' pipeline.
plot.segmentsPlot method for the "segments" object.
plot.timeseriesPlot method for the "timeseries" object.
print.segmentsPrint method for segmentation result from 'segmentClusters'.
processTimeseriesProcess a time-series for clustering and segmentation.
segmentCluster.batchBatch wrapper for 'segmentClusters'.
segmentClustersRun the 'segmenTier' algorithm.
segmenTiersegmenTier : cluster-based segmentation from a sequential...
setVarySettingsParameters for 'segmentCluster.batch'.
sortClustersSort clusters by similarity.
tsdTranscriptome time-series from budding yeast.
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