Man pages for segmented
Regression Models with Break-Points / Change-Points Estimation

aapcAverage annual per cent change in segmented trend analysis
broken.lineFitted values for segmented relationships
confint.segmentedConfidence intervals for breakpoints
davies.testTesting for a change in the slope
downDown syndrome in babies
draw.historyHistory for the breakpoint estimates
interceptIntercept estimates from segmented relationships
lines.segmentedBars for interval estimate of the breakpoints
plantPlan organ dataset
plot.segmentedPlot method for segmented objects
points.segmentedPoints method for segmented objects
predict.segmentedPredict method for segmented model fits
print.segmentedPrint method for the segmented class
pscore.testTesting for existence of one breakpoint
pwr.segPower Analysis in segmented regression
seg.controlAuxiliary for controlling segmented model fitting
seg.lm.fitFitter Functions for Segmented Linear Models
segmentedSegmented relationships in regression models
segmented-packageSegmented relationships in regression models with breakpoints...
selgmentedSelecting number of breakpoints in segmented regression
slopeSlope estimates from segmented relationships
stagnantStagnant band height data
summary.segmentedSummarizing model fits for segmented regression
vcov.segmentedVariance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Segmented Model
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