Man pages for selectiveInference
Tools for Post-Selection Inference

debiasingMatrixFind an approximate inverse of a non-negative definite...
estimateSigmaEstimate the noise standard deviation in regression
factorDesignExpand a data frame with factors to form a design matrix with...
fixedLassoInfInference for the lasso, with a fixed lambda
forwardStopForwardStop rule for sequential p-values
fsForward stepwise regression
fsInfSelective inference for forward stepwise regression
groupfsSelect a model with forward stepwise.
groupfsInfCompute selective p-values for a model fitted by 'groupfs'.
larLeast angle regression
larInfSelective inference for least angle regression
manyMeansSelective inference for many normal means
plot.fsPlot function for forward stepwise regression
plot.larPlot function for least angle regression
predict.fsPrediction and coefficient functions for forward stepwise...
predict.groupfsPrediction and coefficient functions for 'groupfs'.
predict.larPrediction and coefficient functions for least angle...
randomizedLassoInference for the randomized lasso, with a fixed lambda
randomizedLassoInfInference for the randomized lasso, with a fixed lambda
ROSIRelevant One-step Selective Inference for the LASSO
scaleGroupsCenter and scale design matrix by groups
selectiveInferenceTools for selective inference
selectiveInference-internalInternal PMA functions
TG.intervalTruncated Gaussian confidence interval.
TG.limitsTruncation limits and standard deviation.
TG.pvalueTruncated Gaussian p-value.
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