tricks: Tricks that can be used in semPlot.

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Tricks that can be used in semPlot.


Use a list contaning several SEM objects (from any source) to plot them as the same model. Also, the '+' operator can be used to combine two models, including in calls in semPaths and semPlotModel. See examples.


## S3 method for class 'semPlotModel'
x + y
## S3 method for class 'list'
semPlotModel(object, ...)



A "semPlotModel" object


A "semPlotModel" object


An object contaning the result of a SEM or GLM analysis, or a string contaning the file path to the output file of a sEM program.


Not used.


Sacha Epskamp <>

See Also

semPlotModel semPaths semCors


# A silly dataset:
A <- rnorm(100)
B <- A + rnorm(100)
C <- B + rnorm(100)
DF <- data.frame(A,B,C)

# Two regressions:
res1 <- lm(B ~ C, data = DF)
res2 <- lm(A ~ B + C, data = DF)

# Plot both in the same path diagram in two ways:
semPaths(res1 + res2, "model", "est", intercepts=FALSE)
semPaths(list(res1,res2), "model", "est", intercepts=FALSE)

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