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The sendplot package creates an interactive layout of plots that may be viewed in a web browser.


Users are encouraged to view vignette for more details and several useful examples.

The user must initialize a Splot object (initSplot) Then the user may optionally add interactive regions to any of the figures in the layout. (makeImap, addDefault) A static image (postscript, png or jpeg), and/or an interactive HTML file is created (makeSplot)


The interactive html plot currently only works in web browsers that implement java script.

The code used to create the javascript embedded in html file is a modified version of the javascript code or from the open source tooltip library. see reference links


Lori A. Shepherd, Daniel P. Gaile, Lara Sucheston, Andrew Bruno, Kenneth F. Manly


See Also

initSplot, makeImap, makeSplot, sendplot, layout

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