Man pages for sensitivitymv
Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies

amplifyAmplification of sensitivity analysis in observational...
erpcpDNA Damage Among Welders
lead150Smoking and lead in 150 matched 1-5 sets.
lead250Smoking and lead in 250 matched pairs.
mercuryNHANES Mercury/Fish Data
mscorevComputes the M-scores used by senmv.
mtmDNA damage from exposure to chromium
multrnksApproximate scores for ranks.
newurksApproximate scores for ranks of row ranges.
senmvSensitivity analysis in observational studies using...
sensitivitymv-packageSensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies
separable1vAsymptotic separable calculations internal to other...
tbmetaphaseGenetic damage from drugs used to treat TB
truncatedPTrucated product of P-values.
truncatedPbgTrucated product of P-values using the mixture formula.
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