Man pages for sentimentr
Calculate Text Polarity Sentiment

as_keyCreate/Manipulate Hash Keys
average_downweighted_zeroDownweighted Zeros Averaging
cannon_reviewsCannon G3 Camera Product Reviews From Amazon
combine_dataCombine 'sentimentr"s Sentiment Data Sets
course_evaluationsStudent Course Evaluation Comments
crowdflower_deflategateTwitter Tweets About the Deflategate
crowdflower_productsTwitter Tweets About the Products
crowdflower_self_driving_carsTwitter Tweets About Self Driving Cars
crowdflower_weatherTwitter Tweets About the Weather
extract_sentiment_termsExtract Sentiment Words
general_rescaleRescale a Numeric Vector
get_sentencesGet Sentences
get_sentences2Get Sentences (Deprecated)
highlightPolarity Text Highlighting
hotel_reviewsHotel Reviews
kaggle_movie_reviewsMovie Reviews
kotzias_reviews_amazon_cellsKotzias Reviews: Amazon Cells
kotzias_reviews_imdbKotzias Reviews: IMBD
kotzias_reviews_yelpKotzias Reviews: Yelp
nyt_articlesSentiment Scored New York Times Articles
plot.sentimentPlots a sentiment object
plot.sentiment_byPlots a sentiment_by object
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.extract_sentiment_termsPrints an extract_sentiment_terms Object
print.validate_sentimentPrints a validate_sentiment Object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sam_i_amSam I Am Text
sentimentPolarity Score (Sentiment Analysis)
sentiment_attributesExtract Sentiment Attributes from Text
sentiment_byPolarity Score (Sentiment Analysis) By Groups
sentimentrCalculate Text Polarity Sentiment
uncombineUngroup a 'sentiment_by' Object to the Sentence Level
validate_sentimentValidate Sentiment Score Sign Against Known Results
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