Man pages for sentometrics
An Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment Time Series Aggregation and Prediction

add_featuresAdd feature columns to a (sento)corpus object
aggregate.sentimentAggregate textual sentiment across documents and time
attributionsRetrieve top-down model sentiment attributions
compute_sentimentCompute document-level sentiment across features and lexicons
ctr_aggSet up control for aggregation into sentiment measures
ctr_modelSet up control for sentiment-based sparse regression...
data-defunctDatasets with defunct names
diff.sentomeasuresDifferencing of sentiment measures
epuMonthly Economic Policy Uncertainty Index
get_datesGet the dates of the sentiment measures/time series
get_dimensionsGet the dimensions of the sentiment measures
get_howsOptions supported to perform aggregation into sentiment...
get_loss_dataRetrieve loss data from a selection of models
get_measuresGet the sentiment measures
list_lexiconsBuilt-in lexicons
list_valence_shiftersBuilt-in valence word lists
measures_deleteDelete sentiment measures
measures_fillAdd and fill missing dates
measures_globalMerge sentiment measures into multiple weighted global...
measures_mergeMerge sentiment measures
measures_selectSelect sentiment measures
measures_subsetSubset sentiment measures
nmeasuresGet number of sentiment measures
nobs.sentomeasuresGet number of observations in the sentiment measures
peakdatesExtract dates related to sentiment time series peaks
peakdocsExtract documents related to sentiment peaks
plot.attributionsPlot prediction attributions at specified level
plot.sentomeasuresPlot sentiment measures
plot.sentomodeliterPlot iterative predictions versus realized values
predict.sentomodelMake predictions from a sentomodel object
scale.sentomeasuresScaling and centering of sentiment measures
sentiment_bindBind sentiment objects row-wise
sento_corpusCreate a sentocorpus object
sento_lexiconsSet up lexicons (and valence word list) for use in sentiment...
sento_measuresOne-way road towards a sentomeasures object
sentometrics-defunctDefunct functions
sentometrics-deprecatedDeprecated functions
sentometrics-packagesentometrics: An Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment...
sento_modelOptimized and automated sentiment-based sparse regression
to_sentimentConvert a sentiment table to a sentiment object
to_sentocorpusConvert a quanteda corpus object into a sentocorpus object
usnewsTexts (not) relevant to the U.S. economy
weights_almonCompute Almon polynomials
weights_betaCompute Beta weighting curves
weights_exponentialCompute exponential weighting curves
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