Man pages for sentometrics
An Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment Time Series Aggregation and Prediction

add_featuresAdd feature columns to a sentocorpus
almonsCompute Almon polynomials
compute_sentimentCompute document-level sentiment across features and lexicons
ctr_aggSet up control for aggregation into sentiment measures
ctr_mergeSet up control for merging sentiment measures
ctr_modelSet up control for sentiment measures-based regression...
diff.sentomeasuresDifferencing of sentiment measures
epuMonthly Economic Policy Uncertainty Index
exponentialsCompute exponential weighting curves
extract_peakdocsExtract dates and documents related to sentiment peaks
fill_measuresAdd and fill missing dates
get_howsOptions supported to perform aggregation into sentiment...
lexiconsBuilt-in lexicons
merge_measuresMerge sentiment measures
perform_aggAggregate textual sentiment across documents and time
perform_MCSApply model confidence set (MCS) procedure to a selection of...
plot_attributionsPlot prediction attributions at specified level
plot.sentomeasuresPlot sentiment measures
plot.sentomodeliterPlot iterative predictions versus realized values
predict.sentomodelMake predictions from a sentomodel object
retrieve_attributionsRetrieve top-down sentiment attributions given model object
scale.sentomeasuresScaling and centering of sentiment measures
select_measuresSelect sentiment measures
sento_corpusCreate a sentocorpus object
sento_measuresOne-way road towards a sentomeasures object
sentometrics-packageAn Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment Time Series...
sento_modelOptimized and automated sparse regression
setup_lexiconsSet up lexicons (and valence word list) for use in sentiment...
subset_measuresSubset sentiment measures
to_globalMerge sentiment measures into multiple weighted global...
usnewsTexts (not) relevant to the U.S. economy
valenceBuilt-in valence word lists
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