Man pages for sentopics
Tools for Joint Sentiment and Topic Analysis of Textual Data

as.LDAConversions from other packages to LDA
as.tokens.dfmConvert back a dfm to a tokens object
chainsDistancesDistances between topic models (chains)
chainsScoresCompute scores of topic models (chains)
coherenceCoherence of estimated topics
compute_PicaultRenault_scoresCompute scores using the Picault-Renault lexicon
ECB_press_conferencesCorpus of press conferences from the European Central Bank
ECB_press_conferences_tokensTokenized press conferences
get_ECB_press_conferencesDownload press conferences from the European Central Bank
get_ECB_speechesDownload and pre-process speeches from the European Central...
growEstimate a topic model
JSTCreate a Joint Sentiment/Topic model
LDACreate a Latent Dirichlet Allocation model
LDAvisVisualize a LDA model using 'LDAvis'
LoughranMcDonaldLoughran-McDonald lexicon
meltReplacement generic for 'data.table::melt()'
melt.sentopicmodelMelt for sentopicmodels
mergeTopicsMerge topics into fewer themes
PicaultRenaultPicault-Renault lexicon
PicaultRenault_dataRegression dataset based on Picault & Renault (2017)
plot.multiChainsPlot the distances between topic models (chains)
plot.sentopicmodelPlot a topic model using Plotly
print.sentopicmodelPrint method for sentopics models
proportion_topicsCompute the topic or sentiment proportion time series
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resetRe-initialize a topic model
rJSTCreate a Reversed Joint Sentiment/Topic model
sentiment_breakdownBreakdown the sentiment into topical components
sentiment_seriesCompute a sentiment time series
sentiment_topicsCompute time series of topical sentiments
sentopicmodelCreate a sentopic model
sentopics-conversionsInternal conversions between *sentopics* models.
sentopics_dateInternal date
sentopics_labelsSetting topic or sentiment labels
sentopics-packageTools for joining sentiment and topic analysis (sentopics)
sentopics_sentimentInternal sentiment
topWordsExtract the most representative words from topics
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