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Analysis of Sequences of Events

aphelinusFlight behaviour of _Aphelinus abdominalis_
aphmatTransition matrices of the flight behaviour of 10 individuals...
caCorrespondence analysis
compmatComparison of transition (or succession) matrices
compseqComparison of behavioral (or any) sequences
courtilSexual courtship of the male molecricket
fluxDraws a flow chart from a transition matrix
geneseqGeneration aof random sequences
makedicoBuild the dictionary of the sequences
makeSeriesBuilds a list of list from a vector and a factor
matrcomCalculates a common succession matrix
mattransCreates of a succession matrix
multMatransConverts a list of sequences into a list of transition...
read.old.seqFunction to read the deprecated files *.SEQ
read.series.seqReads a series of sequences.
rotationPlane rotation
sequence-packageAnalysis of behavioral (or of any other type) sequences.
seriseqRandom series
seriseq2random series
smartarrowDraws a 'smart' arrow between two points.
symetSymmetrization and diagonal loading of a transition matrix
wiepkemaWiepkema's (1961) historical data
xcsaFrench CSA (1976) data
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