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Tools to Transform and Query Data with 'Apache' 'Drill'

dbDataType-DrillConnection-methodDrill dbDataType
dbDisconnect-DrillConnection-methodDisconnect from Drill
DrilDriver-classUnload driver
drill_activeTest whether Drill HTTP REST API server is up
drill_cancelCancel the query that has the given queryid
drill_connectionSetup a Drill connection
DrillConnection-classDrill connection class.
drill_custom_functionsDrill expressions / custom functions 'dplyr' translations
DrillDriver-classDriver for Drill database.
drill_jdbcConnect to Drill using JDBC
drill_metricsGet the current memory metrics
drill_optionsList the name, default, and data type of the system and...
drill_profileGet the profile of the query that has the given queryid
drill_profilesGet the profiles of running and completed queries
drill_querySubmit a query and return results
DrillResult-classDrill results class.
drill_setSet Drill SYSTEM or SESSION options
drill_settings_resetChanges (optionally, all) session settings back to system...
drill_show_filesShow files in a file system schema.
drill_show_schemasReturns a list of available schemas.
drill_statsGet Drillbit information, such as ports numbers
drill_statusGet the status of Drill
drill_storageGet the list of storage plugin names and configurations
drill_system_resetChanges (optionally, all) system settings back to system...
drill_threadsGet information about threads
drill_upliftTurn columnar query results into a type-converted tbl
drill_useChange to a particular schema.
drill_versionIdentify the version of Drill running
sergeantTools to Transform and Query Data with 'Apache' 'Drill'
sergeant-exportssergeant exported operators
src_drillConnect to Drill (dplyr)
src_tblssrc tbls
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