Man pages for serieslcb
Lower Confidence Bounds for Binomial Series System

bayesBayesian method
bayes_jeffreysBayesian method (Jeffrey's prior)
bayes_nlgBayesian method (Negative Log Gamma Prior)
bayes_uniformBayesian method (Uniform prior)
chao_huwangChao-Huwang method
coitCoit's method
easterlingEasterling's method
launch_appLaunch Shiny App
lindstrom_maddenLindstrom and Madden's method
lindstrom_madden_ACLindstrom and Madden's method with Agresti-Coull
madanskyMadansky's method
madansky.funLagrange multiplier in Madansky's method
mann_grubbsMann and Grubb's method
mann_grubbs_calcFunction to calculate the LCB in the Mann-Grubbs method.
mann_grubbs_sumFunction to calculate the restricted sum in the Mann-Grubbs...
mr.funFunction of beta in the Myhre-Rennie 2 method
myhre_rennie1Myhre and Rennie (modified ML) method
myhre_rennie2Myhre and Rennie (reliability invariant) method
nishimeNishime's method from Posterior of Negative Log Gamma prior and...
normal_approximationNormal approximation method
pmMatrix of _p_-vector combinations
pm.randomMatrix of _p_-vector combinations sampled randomly.
rice_mooreRice and Moore's method
rmse.LCBRoot Mean Square Error
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