Man pages for servosphereR
Analyze Data Generated from Syntech Servosphere Trials

aggregateDataAggregate data frames
atan3Calculate angle between a vector and y-axis
calcBearingCalculate bearing
calcDistanceCalculate distance
calcTurnAngleCalculate turn angle
calcTurnVelocityCalculate turn velocity
calcVelocityCalculate velocity
calcXYCalculate (x, y) coordinates
cleanNamesSet column names for list of data frames
getFilesReturn a list of data frames generated from the servosphere
mergeTrialInfoMerge trial id information
servosphereExample servosphere data
servosphereRservosphereR: A package to facilitate cleaning and analyzing...
summaryAvgBearingCalculate average bearing
summaryAvgVelocityCalculate average velocity
summaryNetDisplacementCalculate net displacement
summaryStopsSummarize the number and length of stops
summaryTortuosityCalculate tortuosity
summaryTotalDistanceCalculate total path distance
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