Man pages for sesem
Spatially Explicit Structural Equation Modeling

alexfiordAlexandra Fiord transect dataset
avg.modindicesFunction to display averaged modification indices for a...
bin.resultsExtract results for a particular bin
bin.rsquareExtract r-square values for dependant variables a spatial SEM...
calc.distCalculate intersample distances for a set of X-Y coordinates
gam.pathPrints and displays spatial sem results using gam models
make.binFunction to make lag distance bins
make.covarFunction to calculate covariance matrices for a set of lag...
modelsummaryFunction to extract and display basic summary information for...
plantcompPlant Competition dataset
plotbinFunction to plot the distribution of lag distance bin sizes
plotmodelfitFunction to plot model fit indices for spatial SEM analyses
plotpathFunction to plot spatial SEM results for individual paths
runModelsRun a spatial SEM analysis
sesem-packageSpatial structural equation modeling (SESEM)
trueloveTruelove lowland transect dataset
truelove_covarTruelove lowland example covariances
truelove_resultsTruelove lowland example sesem output
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