Man pages for sfdep
Spatial Dependence for Simple Features

activateActivate spacetime context
as_spacetimeCast between 'spacetime' and 'sf' classes
center_meanCalculate Center Mean Point
check_pkg_suggestsCheck if a vector of packages are available
check_polygonChecks geometry for polygons.
classify_hotspotClassify Hot Spot results
class_modifyModify object classes
complete_spacetime_cubeConvert spacetime object to spacetime cube
cond_permute_nbConditional permutation of neighbors
critical_thresholdIdentify critical threshold
ellipseCreate an Ellipse
emerging_hotspot_analysisEmerging Hot Spot Analysis
find_xjIdentify xj values
global_cCompute Geary's C
global_colocationGlobal Colocation Quotient
global_colocation_calcCalculate the Global Colocation Quotient
global_colocation_perm_implGlobal Colocation Quotient Conditional Permutation...
global_c_permGlobal C Permutation Test
global_c_testGlobal C Test
global_g_testGetis-Ord Global G
global_jc_permGlobal Join Counts
global_moranCalculate Global Moran's I
global_moran_bvCompute the Global Bivariate Moran's I
global_moran_permGlobal Moran Permutation Test
global_moran_testGlobal Moran Test
guerry"Essay on the Moral Statistics of France" data set.
include_selfIncludes self in neighbor list
inverse_dist_calcCalculate inverse distance weights
is_spacetime_cubeTest if a spacetime object is a spacetime cube
jc_bjc_calcCalculate BJC Bivariate Case
jc_bjc_perm_implCalculate BJC BV for conditional permutations
jc_clc_perm_implCalculate CLC BV for conditional permutations
kernelsKernel functions
local_cCompute Local Geary statistic
local_colocationLocal indicator of Colocation Quotient
local_colocation_calcCalculate the local colocation quotient
local_colocation_implspdep implementation of local colocation quotient
local_gLocal G
local_g_sptCalculate the Local Gi* for a spacetime cube
local_gstarLocal G*
local_jc_bvBivariate local join count
local_jc_uniCompute local univariate join count
local_moranCalculate the Local Moran's I Statistic
local_moran_bvCompute the Local Bivariate Moran's I Statistic
local_moran_bv_calcCalculate the Local Bivariate Moran Statistic
local_moran_bv_implLocal Bivariate Moran's I spdep implementation
local_moran_bv_perm_implLocal Bivariate Moran's I conditional permutation...
loshLocal spatial heteroscedacity
nb_match_testLocal Neighbor Match Test
nb_unionSet Operations
nmt_calcIdentify matches between two neighbor lists
nmt_implImplementation of Neighbor Match Test
nmt_perm_implFind conditionally permuted neighbor matches Given a kNN...
node_get_nbsCreate node features from edges
pairwise_colocationPairwise Colocation Quotient
pairwise_colocation_calcPairwise CLQ calculation
pairwise_colocation_perm_implPairwise CLQ conditional permutation implementation
pct_nonzeroPercent Non-zero Neighbors
permute_listwConditionally permutes a listw object
recreate_listwCreate a listw object from a neighbors and weight list
set_colSet columns from 'geometry' to 'data'
shuffle_nbsInternal function to shuffle neighbors
sin_dTrigonometric functions
spacetimeConstruct a 'spacetime' object
spatial_giniSpatial Gini Index
spt_nbCreate time lagged spatial neighbors
spt_orderOrder a spacetime cube
spt_updateUpdate spacetime attributes
spt_wtCreate time lagged spatial weights
st_as_edgesConvert to an edge lines object
st_as_graphCreate an sfnetwork
st_as_nodesConvert to a node point object
st_block_nbCreate Block Contiguity for Spatial Regimes
st_cardinaltiesCalculate neighbor cardinalities
st_complete_nbCreate Neighbors as Complete Graph
st_contiguityIdentify polygon neighbors
std_dev_ellipseCalculation Standard Deviational Ellipse
std_distanceCalculate standard distance
st_dist_bandNeighbors from a distance band
st_inverse_distanceCalculate inverse distance weights
st_kernel_weightsCalculate Kernel Weights
st_knnCalculate K-Nearest Neighbors
st_lagCalculate spatial lag
st_nb_applyApply a function to neighbors
st_nb_delaunayGraph based neighbors
st_nb_distsCalculate neighbor distances
st_nb_lagPure Higher Order Neighbors
st_nb_lag_cumulEncompassing Higher Order Neighbors
st_weightsCalculate spatial weights
szeroGlobal sum of weights
tidyversetidyverse methods for spacetime objects
wt_as_matrixConvert neighbor or weights list to matrix
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