Man pages for sfheaders
Converts Between R Objects and Simple Feature Objects

sf_bboxsf bbox
sf_boxessf boxes
sf_castsf cast
sfc_castsfc cast
sfc_linestringsfc LINESTRING
sfc_multilinestringsfc MULTILINESTRING
sfc_multipointsfc MULTIPOINT
sfc_multipolygonsfc MULTIPOLYGON
sfc_pointsfc POINT
sfc_polygonsfc POLYGON
sfc_to_dfsfc to df
sfg_linestringsfg linestring
sfg_multilinestringsfg multilinestring
sfg_multipointsfg multipoint
sfg_multipolygonsfg multipolygon
sfg_pointsfg point
sfg_polygonsfg polygon
sfg_to_dfsfg to df
sf_lineHelper for sf LINESTRING
sf_linestringsf LINESTRING
sf_mlineHelper for sf MULTILINESTRING
sf_mpolyHelper for sf MULTIPOLYGON
sf_mptHelper for sf MULTIPOINT
sf_multilinestringsf MULTILINESTRING
sf_multipointsf MULTIPOINT
sf_multipolygonsf MULTIPOLYGON
sf_pointsf POINT
sf_polyHelper for sf POLYGON
sf_polygonsf POLYGON
sf_ptHelper for sf POINT
sf_remove_holesremove holes
sf_to_dfsf to df
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