Man pages for sfnetworks
Tidy Geospatial Networks

as.linnetConvert a sfnetwork into a linnet
as_sfnetworkConvert a foreign object to a sfnetwork
as_tibbleExtract the active element of a sfnetwork as spatial tibble
autoplotPlot sfnetwork geometries with ggplot2
is.sfnetworkCheck if an object is a sfnetwork
node_coordinatesQuery node coordinates
plot.sfnetworkPlot sfnetwork geometries
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
roxelRoad network of Münster Roxel
s2s2 methods for sfnetworks
sfsf methods for sfnetworks
sf_attrQuery sf attributes from the active element of a sfnetwork
sfnetworkCreate a sfnetwork
sfnetworks-packagesfnetworks: Tidy Geospatial Networks
spatial_edge_measuresQuery spatial edge measures
spatial_edge_predicatesQuery edges with spatial predicates
spatial_morphersSpatial morphers for sfnetworks
spatial_node_predicatesQuery nodes with spatial predicates
st_network_bboxGet the bounding box of a spatial network
st_network_blendBlend geospatial points into a spatial network
st_network_costCompute a cost matrix of a spatial network
st_network_joinJoin two spatial networks based on equality of node...
st_network_pathsPaths between points in geographical space
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