Analyzing SFO Landing

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The sfo_stats dataset provides monthly statistics on San Francisco International Airport's air traffic landing between July 2005 and December 2020. The following vignette demonstrate some approaches for exploring the dataset. As the structure of the sfo_stats is similar to the sfo_passengers dataset, we will repeat the same data prep steps as shown on the previous vignette. We will use the dplyr and plotly packages for data manipulation and visualization, respectively.

Data prep

For simplicity, let's use a shorter name , d, for the dataset:


d <- sfo_stats


Next, let's reformat the period indicator, activity_period to a Date object, setting the first day of the month as the default day:

d$date <- as.Date(paste(substr(d$activity_period, 1,4), 
                        substr(d$activity_period, 5,6), 
                        "01", sep ="/"))

We can see, with the str command, the stucture of the dataset:


The data set has 11 categorical variables and two numeric variables - landing_count and total_landed_weight.

Exploratory analysis

Let's start with viewing the total monthly number of landing in SFO:

d %>% 
  group_by(date) %>%
  summarise(landing_count = sum(landing_count)) %>%
  plot_ly(x = ~ date, y = ~ landing_count,
          type = "scatter", mode = "lines") %>% 
  layout(title = "Montly Landing in SFO Airport",
         yaxis = list(title = "Number of Landing"),
         xaxis = list(title = "Source: San Francisco data portal (DataSF)"))

As can seen in the aggregate plot above, the data has:

We can use plotly's fill plot to review the distribution of landing at SFO by geo region:

d %>% 
  group_by(date, geo_region) %>%
  summarise(landing_count = sum(landing_count)) %>% %>%
plot_ly(x = ~ date, 
        y = ~ landing_count,
        type = 'scatter', 
        mode = 'none', 
        stackgroup = 'one', 
        groupnorm = 'percent', fillcolor = ~ geo_region) %>%
  layout(title = "Dist. of Landing at SFO by Region",
         yaxis = list(title = "Percentage",
                      ticksuffix = "%"))

As expected, we can notice the change in geo's landing distribution since March 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The aircraft_manufacturer column, as the name implies, provides the the aircraft manufacture. Let's summarize the total landing during 2019, the most recent full calendar year, by the manufacturer type:

d %>% 
      filter(activity_period >= 201901 & activity_period < 202001,
             aircraft_manufacturer != "") %>%
      group_by(aircraft_manufacturer) %>%
      summarise(total_landing = sum(landing_count),
                `.groups` = "drop") %>%
      arrange(-total_landing) %>%
      plot_ly(labels = ~ aircraft_manufacturer,
              values = ~ total_landing) %>%
      add_pie(hole = 0.6) %>%
      layout(title = "Landing Distribution by Aircraft Manufacturer During 2019")

Similarly, we can add the aircract_body_type and get the distribution of landing airplans during 2019 by manufacturer and body type (e.g., wide, narrow, etc.):

d %>% 
      filter(activity_period >= 201901 & activity_period < 202001,
             aircraft_manufacturer != "") %>%
      group_by(aircraft_manufacturer, aircraft_body_type) %>%
      summarise(total_landing = sum(landing_count),
                `.groups` = "drop") %>%

A Sankey plot enables us to get a distribution flow of some numeric value by multiple categorical variables. In the following example, we will use the sankey_ly function to plot the distribution of landing during 2019 by geo, flight type, and aircraft details:

d %>%
  filter(activity_period >= 201901 & activity_period < 202001,
             aircraft_manufacturer != "") %>%
  group_by(geo_region, landing_aircraft_type, 
           aircraft_manufacturer, aircraft_model, 
           aircraft_body_type) %>%
  summarise(total_landing = sum(landing_count),
            groups = "drop") %>%
  sankey_ly(cat_cols = c("geo_region", 
            num_col = "total_landing",
            title = "SFO Landing Summary by Geo Region and Aircraft Type During 2019")  

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