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Geometric Shadow Calculations

beersheva_buildPolygonal layer of 376 buildings in Beer-Sheva
beersheva_elevDEM of Ramot neighborhood, Beer-Sheva
boston_blockPolygonal layer of a building block in Boston
boston_buildPolygonal layer of three buildings in Boston
boston_parkPolygonal layer of a park in Boston
boston_sidewalkPolygonal layer of sidewalks in Boston
buildPolygonal layer of four buildings in Rishon
classifyAzClassify azimuth of line segments
coefDirectCoefficient of Direct Normal Irradiance reduction
deg2radDegrees to radians
flowlengthCalculate flow length
inShadowLogical shadow calculation (is given point shaded?) for 3D...
plotGridInteractive plot for 3D spatial points
rad2degRadians to degrees
radiationEstimation of Direct and Diffuse Radiation Load on Extruded...
rayLine between two points
shadow'shadow': R Package for Geometric Shade Calculations
shadowFootprintShadow footprint on the ground
shadowHeightShadow height calculation considering sun position and...
shiftAzShift features by azimuth and distance
solarpos2Calculate solar position(s) for location and time
surfaceGridCreate grid of 3D points covering the 'facades' and 'roofs'...
SVFSky View Factor (SVF) calculation
tmyTypical Meteorological Year (TMY) solar radiation in Tel-Aviv
tmy2Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) solar radiation in...
toGMTLocal time to GMT
toSegSplit polygons or lines to segments
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