Man pages for shinyAce
Ace Editor Bindings for Shiny

aceAnnotateEnable Error Annotations for an Ace Code Input
aceAutocompleteEnable Code Completion for an Ace Code Input
aceEditorRender Ace
aceTooltipEnable Completion Tooltips for an Ace Code Input
build_tooltip_fieldsBuild the fields used to make an html tooltip
dot-fname_regexRegular expression for matching the function name in a...
dot-toolsGet namespace to get access to unexported functions, namely...
dot-utilsGet namespace to get access to unexported functions, namely...
getAceModesGet available modes
getAceThemesGet available themes
get_arg_helpRetrieve argument documentation from help document
get_desc_helpRetrieve description section from help document
get_help_fileRetrieve an Rd object of a help query
get_usage_helpRetrieve usage section from help document
is.emptyCheck if vector is empty
meta_objCharacter value to use for object meta field
meta_pkgCharacter value to use for package meta field
r_completions_function_call_metadataR completions when cursor is within a function call
r_completions_general_metadataR completions for general case
r_completions_metadataReturn completions for a given line of text
rd_2_htmlConvert an Rd object to HTML
re_captureRetrieve regular expression named capture groups as a list
shinyAce_debugFunction for handling optional debugging messages
shinyAce-optionsOptions available for shinyAce
tooltip_htmlA helper for formatting a tooltip entry
updateAceEditorUpdate Ace Editor
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