Man pages for shinyEventLogger
Logging Events in Shiny Apps

create_log_entryCreate log entry
inspect_objectCopying objects to global environment
inspect_objectsCopying objects to global environment
log_eventLogging an event
log_initInitialize logging to JavaScript console
log_messageLogging a message
log_outputLogging output of a function
log_paramsLogging scope-specific parameters of events
log_startedLogging the start of an event
log_testLogging unit test
log_to_databaseLogging to database
log_valueLogging value
purge_eventlogPurging eventlog
read_eventlogReading eventlog
run_demoRun demo shiny app
set_loggingSettings for event logging
set_logging_sessionSession-specific settings for event logging
shinyEventLoggershinyEventLogger: Logging Events in Shiny Apps
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