Man pages for shinyWidgets
Custom Inputs Widgets for Shiny

actionBttnAwesome action button
actionGroupButtonsActions Buttons Group Inputs
animateOptionsAnimate options
animationsAnimation names
awesomeCheckboxAwesome Checkbox Input Control
awesomeCheckboxGroupAwesome Checkbox Group Input Control
awesomeRadioAwesome Radio Buttons Input Control
checkboxGroupButtonsButtons Group checkbox Input Control
circleButtonCircle Action button
colorSelectorInputColor Selector Input
dropdownButtonDropdown Button
knobInputKnob Input
materialSwitchMaterial Design Switch Input Control
multiInputCreate a multiselect input control
panelCreate a panel
pickerInputSelect picker Input Control
prettyCheckboxPretty Checkbox Input
prettyCheckboxGroupPretty Checkbox Group Input Control
prettyRadioButtonsPretty radio Buttons Input Control
prettySwitchPretty Switch Input
prettyTogglePretty Toggle Input
progressBarProgress Bars
radioGroupButtonsButtons Group Radio Input Control
searchInputSearch Input
shinyWidgetsshinyWidgets: Custom inputs widgets for Shiny.
shinyWidgetsGalleryLaunch the shinyWidget Gallery
sliderTextInputSlider Text Input Widget
spectrumInputPalette Color Picker with Spectrum Library
switchInputBootstrap Switch Input Control
textInputAddonText with Add-on Input Control
tooltipOptionsTooltip options
updateAwesomeCheckboxChange the value of an awesome checkbox input on the client
updateAwesomeCheckboxGroupChange the value of a AwesomeCheckboxGroup input on the...
updateAwesomeRadioChange the value of a radio input on the client
updateCheckboxGroupButtonsChange the value of a checkboxes group buttons input on the...
updateKnobInputChange the value of a knob input on the client
updateMaterialSwitchChange the value of a materialSwitch input on the client
updatePickerInputChange the value of a select picker input on the client
updatePrettyCheckboxChange the value of a pretty checkbox on the client
updatePrettyCheckboxGroupChange the value of a pretty checkbox on the client
updatePrettyRadioButtonsChange the value pretty radio buttons on the client
updatePrettySwitchChange the value of a pretty switch on the client
updatePrettyToggleChange the value of a pretty toggle on the client
updateProgressBarUpdate a progress bar
updateRadioGroupButtonsChange the value of a radio group buttons input on the client
updateSliderTextInputChange the value of a slider text input on the client
updateSpectrumInputChange the value of a spectrum input on the client
updateSwitchInputChange the value of a switch input on the client
useSweetAlertDisplay a Sweet Alert
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