Man pages for shinyjqui
'jQuery UI' Interactions and Effects for Shiny

Animation_effectsAnimation effects.
Class_effectsClass effects.
draggableModalDialogCreate a draggable modal dialog UI
get_jqui_effectsGet available animation effects.
includeJqueryUIInject necessary js and css assets to the head of a shiny...
InteractionsMouse interactions
jqui_bookmarkingEnable bookmarking state of mouse interactions
jqui_iconCreate a jQuery UI icon
orderInputA shiny input control to show the order of a list of items
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
selectableTableOutputCreate a table output element with selectable rows or cells
sortableCheckboxGroupInputCreate a Checkbox Group Input Control with Sortable Choices
sortableRadioButtonsCreate radio buttons with sortable choices
sortableTableOutputCreate a table output element with sortable rows
sortableTabsetPanelCreate a tabset panel with sortable tabs
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