Man pages for shinytest
Test Shiny Apps

diffviewer_widgetCreat an htmlwidget that shows differences between files or...
expect_passExpectation: 'testApp()' passes snapshot tests
expectUpdate'testthat' expectation for a Shiny update
installDependenciesChecks for/installs dependencies
migrateShinytestDirMigrate legacy 'shinytest' files to new test directory...
osNameGet the name of the OS
recordTestLaunch test event recorder for a Shiny app
registerInputProcessorRegister an input processor for the test recorder
ShinyDriverRemote control a Shiny app running in a headless browser
shinytest-packageshinytest: Test Shiny Apps
snapshotCompareCompare current and expected snapshots
testAppRun tests for a Shiny application
textTestDiffGet textual diff of test results
viewTestDiffView differences in test results
viewTestDiffWidgetInteractive viewer widget for changes in test results
WidgetA Shiny Widget
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