sideChannelAttack: Side Channel Attack

This package has many purposes: first, it gives to the community an R implementation of each known side channel attack and countermeasures as well as data to test it, second it allows to implement a side channel attack quickly and easily.

AuthorLiran Lerman <>, Gianluca Bontempi <>, Olivier Markowitch <>
Date of publication2013-04-12 17:46:02
MaintainerLiran Lerman <>

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dpa1 Man page
filter.MAX Man page
filter.MAX.default Man page
filter.mRMR Man page
filter.mRMR.default Man page
filter.NULL Man page
filter.NULL.default Man page
filter.PCA Man page
filter.PCA.default Man page
filter.RegressionTreeFilter Man page
filter.RegressionTreeFilter.default Man page
gaussian Man page
gaussian. default Man page Man page
plot.verify.ho Man page
plot.verify.loo Man page
powerC Man page
predict.dpa1 Man page
predict.filter.MAX Man page
predict.filter.mRMR Man page
predict.filter.NULL Man page
predict.filter.PCA Man page
predict.filter.RegressionTreeFilter Man page
predict.gaussian Man page
sideChannelAttack Man page
sideChannelAttack-package Man page
simulator.Simple1 Man page Man page Man page
verify.ho Man page
verify.ho.default Man page
verify.loo Man page
verify.loo.default Man page

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