Man pages for sig
Print Function Signatures

as.list.sigConvert to list
as.sigCoerce object to be a sig
as.siglistCoerce object to be a siglist
backquoteWrap in backquotes
exponential_cutCut with exponential breaks
Extract.siglistIndexing for siglists
fix_fn_namesFix names for sigs
is.sigIs the input a sig?
is.siglistIs the input a siglist?
list_sigsList the signatures of all functions
pkg2envGet environment of a package.
print_engineWorkhorse of the print methods
print.sigPrint a sig object
print.siglistPrint a siglist object
sigGenerate a function signature object
sig_reportSummarise function complexity of a file or environment
source_to_new_envSource a file into a new environment.
write_sigsWrite sigs to file
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