Man pages for sigmaNet
Render Graphs Using 'Sigma.js'

addEdgeColorsModify the edge colors of a 'sigmaNet' object.
addEdgeSizeModify the edge size of a 'sigmaNet' object.
addInteractionModify the interactivity of a 'sigmaNet' object.
addListenerAdd a "listener" to report data from a 'sigmaNet' object in...
addNodeColorsModify the node colors of a 'sigmaNet' object.
addNodeLabelsModify the node labels of a 'sigmaNet' object.
addNodeSizeModify the node size of a 'sigmaNet' object.
lesMisCo-appearances of characters in "Les Miserables"
renderSigmaNetRender a 'sigmaNet' visualization in 'Shiny'
saveSigmaSave 'sigmaNet' object as html - a wrapper for saveWidget()
sigmaFromIgraphMake a basic 'sigmaNet' graph object from an 'igraph' object
sigmaNetOutputCreate a UI element for a 'sigmaNet' visualization in 'Shiny'
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